Events / Cons

This section contains a list of Upcoming Events that the Embassy will have members attend.

Dieser Abschnitt enthält eine Liste der bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen, an denen die Mitglieder der Botschaft teilnehmen werden.

Germany: (Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll Date 24/26.11.2023) After a year of fighting and bleeding for it, East Blackwood and its allies and fellow Duchy of Validar Baronies have secured lands in eastern Kahl'Hatra. The Barony of East Blackwood has established itself in the North East on two river islands. Their primary settlement as of now, the...

Germany: The time has come for the summer campaign in Mythodea. The Blackwood and Realms Embassy, and the East Blackwood Company will be attending.

During this year's Convent of the Elements, East Blackwood and its allies have many importnat gatherings. More information on these will come as the Con nears. East Blackwood also has several personal events that will take place during the Convent.

The East Blackwood Embassy and East Blackwood Company will be attending the annual Esslingen Christmas market. We are there to mostly hang out and have fun at an OOC/OT holiday event with an attached Medieval Market.

Germany: (Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll Date 24/26.11.2023) A host of allies and those bonded by their mutual fight against the Forsaken have marched South to Kahl'Hatra once again. Among them is East Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company. A somewhat secure location has been acquired within Kahl'Hatra at the location of an abandoned village....

Canada: With the Crusade of the Elements starting in Kahl'hatra, East Blackwood ventures to the home of the Realms Embassy in Bicolline to lend support to their allies of the Realms Embassy and to garner further support for the Crusade back in Mythodea. "It is time we give back to our allies and thank them for their support. They helped...

Germany: This year's Convent of the Elements will special for East Blackwood. The details of which will come into play in time. Also this year, East Blackwood will host its Champion of the Guard Tournament at Convent (Jenseits der Siegel) instead of just before the Summer Campaign as is the tradition.