Lordas Palatinus "The Butcher of Blackwood"

Ser Lordas Palatinus "The Butcher of Blackwood," Custos and Cataphractoi of the Empire of Byzantion, heir of the Palatini, Captain of the Embassy Guard

Captain of the Embassy Guard

Lordas was recruited into the Embassy Guard during a Summer Solstice festival in the Western Seal of Mythodea. Since he has gone onto become the third ever Champion of the Guard and has great aspirations for the future.

Lordas became Captain of the Embassy Guard at Terra Ankor after performing well during a trial run on the battlefield. 

About the Empire of Byzantion (Imperium Byzantion)

The Empire today

The Empire of Byzantion is currently ruled by his holy majesty Emperor Basil II of the Julii. Beset on all sides by the Orcs of the Golden Horde and the Wood Elves Wruda to the North, other unknown Orc tribes and the human desert dwelling Tribes of Arwu to the east and south, while the ambitious and ruthless Norman kings of Apulia and Tribes of the Gothii to the West see the Empire as a juicy fruit ripe for conquest and raiding.

Roots of the Empire

The Empire descends from a long gone Empire to the West known only as Imperium Remum. This Western part of the Empire fell over a thousand years ago to several tribes of barbaric humans. The most ambitious of those where the Gothii, who became the semi-barbaric successors of the Western half of the Imperium Remum. About 300 years ago Norman Invaders from across the seas invaded the southern part of the Gothiis domain and established themselves as a local power.

During the fall of the Western part of the Imperium Remum, a famous General by the Name of Byzantius took the reins in the Eastern part of the Empire and founded what would become the Imperium Remum. He held of the hordes of barbaric invaders and built a wall of strongholds around the empires borders to entrench us against future invaders. After his victorious he was crowned Emperor Byzantius the savior first of his name, Primus of Byzantion and Bringer of Light in the dark. Ever since the Empire stood strong and repelled any invader, be it elf, orc or man. They all fell at the walls of our strongholds or where crushed by our glorious Cataphractii and Legiones in battle. The Empire stays strong.

The empire believes in Deus. The Deic religion is a polytheistic religion, which accepts other beliefs and pray to other entities. However for most of the people of Byzantion Deus, the Lord of Light and Fire is the supreme patron of the empire. He protects his people, enlightens them and shields them from the dark.

Magic in Byzantion

Magic is strictly controlled by the centralized state in Byzantion, unsanctioned mages are a huge potential threat. They are hunted down and given a choice, be sanctioned and the serve the empire or burn at the stake. Sanctioned mages are treated with respect, while unsanctioned mages are seen as evil creatures and enemies of the empire. Therefore all young nobles attending the empires warrior academies undergo rigorous training, not only in the arts, sciences, strategy and combat, but also anti-magic and mage hunting.