Bicolline / Grand Battle of Bicolline


Canada:  With the Crusade of the Elements starting in Kahl'hatra, East Blackwood ventures to the home of the Realms Embassy in Bicolline to lend support to their allies of the Realms Embassy and to garner further support for the Crusade back in Mythodea.  "It is time we give back to our allies and thank them for their support.  They helped us when we were establishing ourselves.  Now it is our turn to help them."   Sir Dagger of Blackwood.

Sir Sean O'Quinnlin (Left)

Sir Sean is the Guild Master of the Realms Embassy.  He runs the day-to-day work, diplomacy and trade of the Embassy in Bicolline.  He is also a knight and the Lord of Creathorne.

Sir Simon Gheradnne Goodfellow (Right)

Sir Simon is among the founding members of the Realms Embassy.  Sir Simon was knighted by Emperor Karl of the Empire.  He often refers to hismself as Sir Sean's second.

Grande Bataille

August 13th to 20th 2023

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                           From East Blackwood in Mythodea

Sir Dagger of Blackwood

Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle (Vacation Pending)

SLIM (Vacation Pending)

Fennix Heighless


Master Gideon

                                        Lurius (Vacation Pending)