This section contains descriptions of ongoing efforts to establish Embassies, Deputations and Places of Business for the East Blackwood and Reams Embassy and East Blackwood Company.  In the drop-down menu, you will find the current physical locations of the Embassy and E.B.Co. 

OT Record Page

Abandoned Razash'Dai Village and its Attending Lands

During high summer R.C.Y 1023, East Blackwood and Thoringaard fought and captured a ruined Razash'Dai village and its attending lands.  The two peoples fought two battles to secure the area which was lightly defended compared to other regions of East Kahl'Hatra.  The first battle was fought at a river fjord over a tributary of the Mother River and the second was at the village itself.  Casualties were high on the side of East Blackwood regardless of the Crusaders having outnumbered the enemy in the region slightly.  Currently East Blackwood and Thoringaard's injured soldiers are resting at the village and recovering from their injuries while the restoration process begins.

Holy War to Kahl'hatra

While at a private gathering in Castel del Sol, Copperdale within Lunorth of the Northern Seal, East Blackwood recieved a letter requesting that Blackwood join Zweiwasser in a crusade South to Kahl'hatra to liberate the land from the Forsaken.  East Blackwood agreed collectively.  East Blackwood will be Marching South soon and who knows what lies in wait once they arrive.

Guild District Expansion

At Convent of the Elements 1 N.d.K, the East Blackwood Company came to an agreement with the City of Copperdale to expand their citiy district.  The district expansion is located down river from the original district location and will feature a tavern.

Trade Kontor Zackenberg

Sir Dagger reminded Zackenberg of their prior promise to offer the East Blackwood Company a Trade Kontor within the lands of Zackenberg.  Trade Kontors are important for the slow generation of coin as well as providing localities of trade relations within various lands throughout Mythodea.

Another Märkische Land Deal?

After another conversation between East Blackwood Company merchants and the Märkische Bund, it would appear that another land deal, one that would generate resources for trade, is once again possible.  Sir Dagger, however, is not particulary interested in the Bund's form of government so, whatever deals would happen would have to be only trade related and it would have to be in writing. 

East Blackwood Embassy:  Ad Astra:

Ambassador Dagger has been reaching out to the Archenar for some time now.  Most recently, their order has reported to have moved from the Southern Seal in Mythodea to the city Ad Astra holds in the East.  The ambassador wrote another letter delivering it to Ad Astra during the spring campaign to Kahl’Hatra.

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy:  Grian Quihenya/The West:

During the Summer Campaign to the World Forge (2018), Ambassador Dagger, with the aid of Baroness Sayeh, resolved the matter of apology between two ladies of the West and East.  During that time nagotiations for the Embassy were being made between the Ambassador, the Archon of the West and his Ministers.  At the Conclusion of the Campaign a contract was singed between the involved parties granting the Emassy a primary location within the Western Capital. 

E.B.Co.:  Northern Seal/Copperdale

Dagger of Blackwood has signed the Copperdale Contract as the leader of the East Blackwood Company granting the company land within the city of Copperdale in the Northern Seal.  A Deputation building will be constructed there as well.

Don Anthem DeVigil has been named the Guild Leader of the E.B.Co. Copperdale District. He has begun plans for the construction of various buildings within E.B.Co.'s portion of the city. This construction has been paid for and will be built by the Kutscher Guild. 

The Deputation of Blackwood:  Realm of Roses/Zweiwasser

The Deputation of Blackwood is located within the Realm of Roses in the capital of the barony of Zweiwasser, Drachenbrück. 

In the Fall of 1017, Dagger traveled to Zweiwasser seeking the baron of Zweiwasser's assistance with a private matter. Upon arriving in the region, Dagger was met by Urdan, Warden of the Western Marches, who presented Dagger with a road-building project offer. During Dagger's meeting with Baron Balor the Red, Dagger agreed to take up the project provided various payments were presented. One such payment was a building on or near the water. This narrow yet multi-story building now serves as the Deputation of Blackwood where all Embassy functions are currently carried out.

Blackwood Embassy:  Western Seal

It is planned that there will be an Embassy in the Western Seal. Before this can happen, however, a few details must be worked out politically with diplomacy. Once these matters are cleared, it is expected that the Voice of the West Jean-Louis, will allow the project to go forward. 

E.B. Co.:  Porto Leonis

Conversations with Noam of Fjordstadt brought forth plans to acquire a building within Porto Leonis to do business. As Porto Leonis is relatively new and a port, this could prove to be a largely important venture for the operation of the planned East Blackwood Company and the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy. 

Supply Fort Kahl'Hatra Border

As part of the Crusade of the Elements to Kahl'Hatra, East Blackwood is establishing a palisade defended supply fort on a small island at the major confluence of tributaries.  This confluence rests just north of Kahl'Hatra with full access to the river network within East Kahl'Hatra.  The agreement was made with the Realm of Roses Master of Coin to deliver the fort to Roses hands after the crusade is concluded.  Until then, the fort is under the stewardship of Master Djako Kaievh.

Warehouse Contact

A contract for the use of a warehouse at Grabenstett was agreed upon and signed by Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Master Djako Kaevh at the Convent of the Elements 1 N.d.K.

Discussions of a Possible Trade Kontor

Since meeitng Lord Revn of the Three Sisters at the Summer Solstice Festival of R.C.Y. 1021, talks have been ongoing about trade relaitons for the future. More recently those relaitons have reached a point where a Trade Kontor was suggested within the Three Sisters.  Djako Kaevh will concentrate on continued relations with the Lunorth Fiefdom.

Request for Payment for the E.B.Co

After a letter arrived from Wulf of the Free Alliance, Sir Dagger of Blackwood with Mako Tok sat down with Talwyn die Weiße to write a response.  The response written was an agreement to the actions requested but with the added request for payment.  The E.B.Co requested harbor access and a warehouse, among other things, outside of Mythodea as payment for what had been requested.

Possible Settlement or Quarter in Zweiwasser

During the Fest der Funf, Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood spoke with Zweiwasser Castellan Briceus von Thalgrund to discuss trade and the possibility of establishing a new settlement or extending an existing settlement to accommodate the influx of East Blackwood people in the region.  It was agreed that Briceus would find a fitting location where East Blackwood could build homes and such for their semi-permanent settlement in the Altmark of Zweiwasser.

East Blackwood:  The Black Pier and the Realm of Roses

During meetings with the Margrave of Zweiwasser, Ambassador Dagger and Baroness Sayeh discussed Balor’s quest to become Archon and what East Blackwood would want once he succeeded.  The question was a heavy one as it suggested great change for Blackwood. Two potential offers were made, one of land and potential title and one of trade influence. As of now, no decisions will be made on that regard.

Later during the Convent (2019), Dagger presented the East Blackwood Company’s wish for building on the land of the Black Pier and in the water. Balor granted the E.B.Co this requested permission. 

East Blackwood:  Lunorth

Ambassador Dagger, Representative Sayeh, Representative Djako and Deputy Varn met with the Lord Protector of Lunorth during the Convent of the Elements (2019) to discuss East Blackwood’s future within Lunorth. Offers of land and title were suggested but the Ambassador must first consult the crown to make his case before making a decision.

E.B.Co:  The Black Pier:

At the end of last year, the Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser deeded the East Blackwood Company a plot of river-front land complete with a warehouse on it within the Margravate of Zweiwasser.  While some restrictions and laws apply, the holding is a welcome gift in preperation for future trade deals within the realm.

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy:  Southern Seal, Third Provence:

After briefly making contact with the South at the Convent of the Elements 16 Jahre, n.d.E., the Embassy has written a letter on one of the lords of the South in hopes of establishing a presence in the region.

E.B.Co.:  Realm of Roses/Zackenberg

After the Realm of Roses Trade Summit at the Convent of the Elements (2018), Zackenberg expressed his interest in permitting the East Blackwood Company to take over portions of the river trade.  This would include a building on a small stretch of land but will only be granted after approval from the Crown.

E.B.Co. and Embassy:  Porto Leonis

After meeting with the Diplomat of Porto Leonis during the Convent of the Elements (2018), The Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood had decided against attempting to establish and Embassy and a outlet of the East Blackwood Company within the city, at least until they change some of their laws to better accomodate trade and private parties.

Blackwood Embassy:  Realm of Roses

As part of the road building project's payment, Baron Balor the Red of Zweiwasser has agreed to help present the Embassy building request to the Archon of Thornes at a later date. Should this meeting go well, it is hoped that there will be a Blackwood / Realms Embassy within the Capital of the Realm of Roses. 

The Idea to Grant Blackwood a Town

Ser Osmund explained to Lady Anna that he was interested in trying to change the rules, or at least make an exception, to grant East Blackwood a town within Sagara.  This has to be futher discussed in the future.

Offer of a House of Cultural Exchange in Sagara of the Realm of Roses

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau and Corporal Bødvar received an offer form Sagara for the exchange of culture within their lands. Sir Dagger of Blackwood has yet to meet with Sagara to discuss this offer yet.

The port city of Windhaffen

During the meeting of the Mitrasperanische Hanse, the Hanse requested that the East Blackwood Company look into the situation with Windhaffen in the Northern Seal.  Sir Dagger set Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau to the task.  The current status of the city is still under review.  The Hanse would like it to be back in Hanse hands.

Trade Kontor

At the Convent of the Elements, East Blackwood was in talks with the Iron Daggers about establishing at Trade Kontor within their protectorate in the Northern Seal should they receive one. All-in-all relations between East Blackwood and the Iron Daggers greatly improved this year.

Trade Contor in Zackenberg

During a long and tiresom trade mission through much of the Realm of Roses, Stordan von Zackenberg took Sir Dagger of Blackwood asside to announce that he would be offering the East Blackwood Company a trade contor in Zackenberg in the future.  This comes after a successful mission in the Realm of Roses were the E.B.Co handled most logistical and supply matters.


While at a private gathering and the first Blackwood Court held in Mythodea, Sir Dagger presented the court and its guests with Zweiwasser's gift of land on the southern end of Drachenbrück.  The land shall be known as Schwarzheim and will be a new quarter for the city.

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy: Nova Brotania

At the conclusion of the campaign against Morgan(a) at Nova Brotania in the Western Seal, Lady Gerianne Folks of Transylvania daughter of Ri Isenden Folks of Transylvania and Governor of Nova Bretonnia (Brotania) gave Ambassador Dagger an act of property. That property will be named, Sapphire House in honor of the person who sent the Embassy on the mission to Nova Brotania, Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle.  The act is to be signed at the next Summer Campaign by all parties involved.

E.B.Co.:  Sapphire Isle

During the wedding of King Kerrel and Queen Jinx, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle informed Ambassador Dagger of the violent rebellion burning its way through her island.  To assist in the problem and to construct a home base for the East Blackwood Company, Dagger offered the solution of having an E.B.Co. outpost on the island which would be defended by Embassy Guard effectively adding an economical benefit to the island and company and providing additional security in turbulent times.

E.B.Co:  Trade Kontor

In the spring during the Convent of the Elements (2019), Ambassador Dagger spoke with Glabius of Sciminova about a potential trade deal. A special request was made of Dagger and the task was completed within the day.  To thank Dagger for his service, Glabius offered the East Blackwood Company a Trade Konto in Sciminova.

E.B.Co.:  Ad Astra:

Sometime in the middle of the Summer Campaign to the World Forge (2018), the E.B.Co. met with a representative of Ad Astra in their library to discuss potential trade in the future which would require a holding of some kind for the E.B.Co. within Ad Astra’s city.  Nothing is set in stone but relations are good as of now.

E.B.Co.:  The North

At the Trade Summit hosted by Raul the Master of Coin for the Realm of Roses, Ambassador Dagger had a lengthy conversation with a wealthy Northern Merchant.  If the E.B.Co. can expand its influence in the North then future potential holdings may be possible. 

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy:  Goldwacht/


A meeting took place where Ambassador Dagger presented Regent Cho'wa el Abar’Raine with a gift.  Following the presentation, Cho’wa agreed to allow the Embassy and East Blackwood Company move into the Münzquell; however, due to charges of herasy toward the Münzquell and their Goldene Erbe, all progress in this direction has been put on hold until the matter has been settled.

Blackwood House:  Realm of Roses/Zweiwasser

The Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood has been granted the title for the House of the Crooked Tower within capital of Zweiwasser, Drachenbrück.  The house was renamed, Blackwood House, by the newly elevated Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser.