Blackwood House, Drachenbrück

Blackwood House, Drachenbrück

Blackwood House

In the late fall after the "Schwur Feier des Westens", Ambassador Dagger, and his assistant Raelene Skie, struck a road-building deal with the then Baron Balor der Rote of Zweiwasser.  Part of the payment for the road-building project was a building within Zweiwasser's capital of Drachenbrück.  The building sits on the river down an ally and serves as a home and Deputation.  It serves as the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy's primary location as of this time and rests within the Realm of Roses. 

Vacant Master of House

Provided the tower house remains in East Blackwood Hands, a new Master of House will be decided this year.  

The Black Pier

At the end of last year following the completion of the great road from Schönweiler to the Western Seal, Margrave Balor the Red deeded the land of the Black Pier to the East Blackwood Company for its use in trade.  While some restrictions and laws do apply, the land is the river and is equipped with a warehouse to promote river trade in the region.

Marik Fulgrimson

Marik Fulgrimson has been named project lead for the construction of the Black Pier and the Salty Stick. Once completed, he will be promoted to Harbor Master and be set to administer the lands of the Black Pier.

The Salty Stick

During the Convent of the Elements in the Realms Year of 1019, the East Blackwood Embassy formed the idea to build up their docks and construct a tavern nearby at the Black Pier. As it was Marik's request, Marik would be named Harbor Master if the project were to be completed.  He would have his tavern and the responsibility of administering the land known as the Black Pier. Plans, permission and financing are already in motion. The projected completion date is late winter to early spring of next year.