Doc. Niels Forbonte

Doc. Niels Forbonte,

Member of the East Blackwood Company

Niels Forbonte, extended an offer to Dagger of Blackwood, Leader of the East Blackwood Company and Ambassador of Blackwood and the Realms to have the E.B. Co. to join the city of Copperdale.  In exchange, Niels Forbonte is now a member of the East Blackwood Embassy.

Doctor Niels Forbonte is the current Faculty leader for Science and head Librarian at Academia Unitate in Copperdale  in the Northern Realm of Mythodea. Along with his current position he iwas recently promoted to Master of Trade for Lunorth and is lending his hand in creating the new fiefdom Ceteri in the Western Seal.

For the doctor personally, his goal in life is to spread knowledge with anyone willing to give knowledge back.