Makø Tock

Makø Tock

Master Tradeswoman of the East Blackwood Company

At a gathering at Saphire House in Triskel, Nova Bretonia (of the Western Seal), Makø Tock joined the Embassy as a diplomat and Master of House for Sapphire House.  Her role is to facilitate relations between the Kingdom of Blackwood and Nova Bretonia.

 As far as I know, I have always been on a boat. From common seaman to Captain's right hand, I sailed across the ocean without ever stepping ashore, taking care of the sailors as I could in exchange for their respect. I do not say that no one has ever tried an attempt at my dignity, let us just say that Ignis was constantly with me.

The day of my 21st birthday, the Captain, who was considered as my father, allowed me for the first time to feel the ground under my feet. If I never questioned him about this oldest rule he said when I was child, I hastened to finish my beer, pack some stuff and run for an exploration into the city.  When I came back to the port, the boat was missing. I was drunk for a year, attempting to forget this treason, until a pirate boat with prisoners sailed into the port... this is what I needed at this point.

They did not seem like bad guys, but I did not have the time to play a charming role. I had only one chance to leave this place, and this was it! I needed sailors and they needed to be saved. It was that simple because I stole the keys, so their choice was made quickly, the bearded guy in front of me blabbed something... I took that as a yes.

It was Logaan. It was more than seven years now. Since, it is live to death between us, like the family I have been missing. 

The rest of my adventures, with Nova Bretonia, the Ancient world, my meeting with EastBlackwood... everything you can hear about will be better around a fire, with a pint of good beer.  If one day I should die, Ignis would take me to his kingdom and all of people I met since then, friends or enemies, should raise a drink around a fire and cheer about the fact I'm doomed. 

Mako was recently made Master Scribe of the East Blackwood Company.