Guard of the Embassy Guard

Reginald's family came from Chimeron originally as farmers. When the Bedlam Wars began and the lands were threatened, Lady Altana Cecil, cousin of the King of Chimeron, set up a way to evacuate the peasants of Chimeron, though not all could be saved, Reginald's family managed to get aboard the ship that took them to Sapphire Isle. 

Once there, to help support his family, he took a job in Sapphire Port under the direction of Raelene Skie, who put him to work with moving cargo, he learned how to write from some of the masters in charge of reporting cargos. When Dame Altana died, he was promoted to Port Authorities where he learned to help keep the port secure and was taught who to use a sword. 

After Sapphire Isle left Chimeron and around the time Sayeh was put in charge of the island, and eventually as time passed he started hearing more and more about East Blackwood. Longing for some adventure, he took a boat that would help him get to Mythodea, eventually finding Dagger and the others though having missed Sayeh returning home.