Djako Kaevh

Photo by: Ingo (Live Adventure Photo Stick JdS 2022)

Djako Kaevh,

Representative of the East Blackwood Embassy,

Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company,

Djako Kaevh is the 4th born child to the Family of Kaevh in the Blackwood province of Alonis. His House was a small Merchant family until the wars against the Cult of Zermarx and Bedlam, where they rose in money and local influence through the supply of iron and iron products they brought to the front through the great rode that leads through Alonis.

The Kaevh family has tried to gain good standing with Lord Sir Torlof since the start of his reign. Since Djako's firstborn brother was the heir to their family business and his second older brother went into military service, his parents sent him through the Realms to represent his family abroad. When Djako was of age, his parents sent him to Mythodea to help establish trade between the two continents and to ship exotic goods to his family and the kingdom. Djako also sends reports of the events transpiring in Mythodea to the province and Lord Sir Torolf.

Currently, Djako has earned the title Master Scribe.  Djako is also serving as a Blackwood diplomat and East Blackwood Company Merchant.