Mythodea / Chroniken von Mythodea


Germany:  The Duchy of Validar managed a more calm winter than expected.  There has been two hard fought battles at the end of the fall period which gave way, for the most part, to months of relative peace.  Now, Validar and the Barony of East Blackwood mobilize a small force to assist in the war efforts of other parts of Mythodea!

The Elemental Folk the Narech'Tuloch have called for aid.  The Cradle of Evening and Dawn is under threat.  With it's appearance, it must be returned to its original place.  This situation calls for the protection of the cradle which is made difficult by the closeness of Veria, the capital of the Black Dynasty and by the Blue Forest which has been overrun by Undead Flesh for a year.  East Blackwood and Validar march to aid! Will you?

The Crusade of the Elements

A year ago three people's and their friends and allies united to travel back to the Forsaken controlled lands of Kahl'Hatra.  There, they began the long war of liberation in the name of the Elements. The goal:  to reclaim Kahl'Hatra for the Elements. 

Major battles were fought; some were lost and some were won.  By the end of the first year the Crusade had established a supply base and three settlements.  At the Convent of the Elements three Barons were crowned;  Sir Varek the Baron of Zweiwasser, Sir Dagger the Baron of East Blackwood and Lord Tarin the Baron of Gorasia.  This was followed by followed by the choosing and crowning of the Duchess of Validar, the Duchy that will maintain the lands of Kahl'Hatra for the forseeable future.

Here is the story of how it started.

Chroniken von Mythodea

Donnerstag 02.05.2024 bis Sonntag 05.05.2025

Saar-Pfalz-Park 128
66450 Bexbach


Karten-Kontingent Preis

Some of those Attending

´Baron Dagger Arkenstone of East Blackwood

Knight of Blackwood

Ambassador of Blackwood

Realms Ambassador

Legate of the East

Leader of the East Blackwood Company


Sir Bødvar Tock "The BeerHunter"

Knight of the Storm

Master Gideon Klaud

Commander Anthem DeVigil delos HORD of the Embassy Guard

Squire Logaan of Aven, Champion of the Embassy Guard

Corporal Annabel

Master Djako

Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company





Tawar, Leader of the Thoringaard