Anna-Katharina von Rabenau

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau,
Daughter of Lord Robert von Rabenau

Position within East Blackwood on Hold

Was born in Syconia

Parents: Robert von Rabenau and Maria von Rabenau

Brother: Valentin von Rabenau

Gods: Pyra, Ignyon (perhaps?)

Lady Anna-Katharina approached the camp of the East Blackwood and Realms Embassies during the summer campaign 17 n.d.E. to Methraton Thul and inquired about the possibility of a job in diplomacy.  Ambassador Dagger explained the available positions and explained how the Blackwood rank structure functioned within the Embassy and its holdings.  Lady Anna-Katharina agreed to the terms and she + her retinue have been given apartments within the Embassy at Grian Qui'henya in the Western Seal. 

Syconia and Coastarr

Anna-Katharina is the daughter of Lord Robert von Rabenau and Maria von Rabenau.  Even though Anna did not have a lot of contact to her parents, she understood what was happening to the Empire around her and by relation, to her family.  The nobles, von Rabenau were struggling to maintain their ancestral control and prominance amid the rising vampiric arristocracy.  As such, Maria von Rabenau had high expectations from both Anna and her brother Valentin.  They were the family von Rabenau's lifeline to maintaining their position and ancestral lands.

The idea of political marraiges was thrown around during family dinners where both Anna's mother and father exlplained the gravety of the situation within Syconia.  Throughout the New Blood Alliance of Nations, its member nations had been slowly taken over by a rising vampiric arristocracy.  Row, Jargon, Lorace and, worse of all Mistmoor, were all firmly under the control of non-human nobility.  The vampires had always been there but their powerbase had grown slowly over time.  Only in the past century had things taken a dramatic turn and Syconia was no acception.  Its Emperor was forced to accept the "gift" of vampirism in order to maintain his throne. Marraige could possibly be used to maintain power but that depended on the strength of that contract.

Anna's brother Valentin von Rabenau would have no luck in finding a suitor among the nobility of Syconia but the family had other ideas for him.  Since the "Year of Wars" when New Blood flew its alliance banners for the first time and attacked the ancient enemies of the Vampire race all over Arkendrose, the alliance established special units of soldiers which were very-well trained and used throughout the world.  They were also privy to a lot more information than your average noble.  Valentin was entered into the program after making a blood promise to his family to support them into the future.

Just before Anna-Katharina Valentin became of age to marry, Valentin was permitted leave to return to his family for a short while.  During a dinner on the second night of his return, Valentin made good on his promise and told his family of a Gate within the Forest of Voy far to the South East.  Most of the Forest of Voy was in the hands of the Empire of Coastaar but it was vast and not well patrolled.  That included the Gate itself.  Valentin's unit had been recently there on mission as was normal for Syconia, even if it was a breach in relations with the empire to the South.  As was hoped, Valentin was privy to information that would be useful to the family.  The Gate led to another world and he knew when it would be opened next.

After a long discussion, the hope was that Anna-Katharina, with escort, could pass through the gate and gain powerful allies on the other side.  It remained the closest most feasable solution and the family was desperate.  Their estate was in danger of being consumed by a baron in the region who had no direct-ancestral claim to it which would remove the position and importance of the von Rabenau family should it occure.  Landless nobility in those times was practically a death sentence.

Valentin was not able to stay much more than a week or so, however, but, in that time he was able to give his family detailed information and instruction on how and when to send his little sister through the Gate.  The next morning, Valentin was sent to fight in a war half-way across Arkendrose with no knoweldge of when or if he would return. 

The time to leave for the Gate in the Forest of Voy came and Anna-Katharina von Rabenau with escort and a young alchemist, left quitely.  They entered the Forest of Voy after leaving the road using the information Valentin had given them.  A few days later they entered the Forest of Voy cautiously.  There was  truce between Syconia and the empire to the South but that did not mean they would not act if they saw armed people within their lands. A few days later, the company of Anna-Katharina von Rabenau reached the Gate and, as expected, it was open.

The forest seemed eerily empty which thier scout quickly found not to be true.  They were being watched but not by Coastaarians, but by other humans, likely from an enemy alliance to theirs.  Valentin had reported that the Gate was a particular point of interest for all who knew about it.  It was a wonder that the Coastarrians did not fortify it better but that was likely due to the vastness of the empire and its close proximity to Syconia.  Luckily enough, those who watched, allowed the company von Rabenau to enter the Gateway unhindered.

The Realms

The Gate in the Forest of Voy opened to a small oasis among a vast desert just north of the Town of CrestGrath.  Valentin had told Anna about the town and that its mayor, Dagger of Blackwood, was friendly to New Blood and its enemies alike.  They were neutral in matters of Akendrose.  However, Dagger was not there when Anna arrived.  Instead, it was reported by the acting mayor, a man called Slim, that Dagger was off far to the East in a place called Mythodea. 

The company von Rabenau were invited to stay in CrestGrath at the inn, Slim's Place, just not for free.  The town also proved to have a small Syconian embassy of which Anna was also told.  This, and its ambassador, were to be avoided at all costs.  So, the company von Rabenau spent only a couple of days, mostly out of site, in the small town.  Anna herself, spent most of that time in the town's largest building, the Library of CrestGrath, where the librarian told her about Mythodea.  It was through that short time that Anna knew where she had to go to gain support and it was what led her to serving the Realms Kingdom of Blackwood later on.

Anna-Katharina von Rabenau, daughter of Lord Robert von Rabenau, with the librarian's assitance, found and booked passage to Mythodea on a Seehandelsgilde ship.


Anna-Katharina von Rabenau, daughter of Lord Robert von Rabenau arrived in Mythodea in Realms Year 1019 in time for the campaign in Methraton Thul with her surviving escort. Some had unfortuantely died during the periless voyage along the way.  There Lady Anna joined the Aufbruch for the duration of the campain for saftey and to allow her to learn about Mythodea first hand and to make important contacts.  It was there that she met Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood be it by disign or accident. 

After spending time with Representative Dajko Kaevh of Alonis, Lady Anna spoke with Ambassador Dagger on the possibility of her working as a diplomat for the Embassy.  Since, she has been a member of the embassy's diplomats and makes her residence in the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy in the City of Grain Qui'henya in the Western Seal of Mythodea where she has her own appartments for her and her attendents.