Representative of the Realms Embassy on behalf of the Town of CrestGrath,

Guard Veteran of the Embassy Guard,

Mayor of CrestGrath, 

R.C.Y 1024 Pompfball World Champion

Slim just woke up one day in the Realms and started wondering. He has no memory of who he was or where he came from. The first person he met in the Realms was a kid who claimed to be a dragon named Dagger. The two became friends and set out traveling together. Dagger was part of a group called WhiteCoast that were settling the lands around where Slim woke. Not interested in joining the nation, Slim decided to work for them on occasion and use them to build a home and start a business.

Slim's first friend in the Realms Dagger was given permission to settle a town by his Lord Galleos Seaelf. Slim, showing an aptitude for business, decided to co. found the town which Dagger named CrestGrath. Once at their new location in the heart of WhiteCoast, Slim and Dagger began to settle their new town. The two hashed out the general layout and started construction on the town. Slim brought in help, a dwarf named Balinor, from one of the more established regions of WhiteCoast to help with some masonry.

Slim's first main project in the city was the construction of "an actual building made of stone" his business and home, Slim's Place. The rest of the town started out as either earthen huts or tents including Dagger's home which is not much better today. Later, as Slim's business started to flourish, Slim funded the construction on the existing wall that surrounds 1/3 of the town. Slim has since left his mercenary work and retired to a life of light merchanting, until now.

Slim, the East Blackwood Company and the Embassy Guard

Fall of the Realms Common Year 1019, Ambassador Dagger rushed to CrestGrath to rally aid for a problem concerning a friend's island and people.  He also wanted to recruit Embassy Guards to escort him to and from the royal wedding of King Kerrel of Blackwood and Lady Jinx of Uffern.  Slim was among those who agreed to work for the ambassador.  

During the Feast of Blackwood, Slim was named, Vice Mayor of CrestGrath.  Slim also agreed to join his business, Slim's place, and his person with the East Blackwood Company.  Slim's will be aiding in the security of Sapphire Isle and the construction and running of the East Blackwood Company Realms Headquarters there.