Nalydros Deocras

Nalydros Deocras of Gaddison

Nalydros Deocras of Gaddison was born in the year 0991 R.D. in the town of Gaddison - a logging settlement at the base of the Viridian Mountains in the northern territories of the Acrean Empire. His parents were successful lumberers who owned and operated a sawmill that employed many of the townsfolk. As a boy, Nalydros loved playing in the woods with the other children in the village, frequently going on adventures and getting into trouble with the locals.

In his adolescence, Nalydros became quite unruly, and - fearing his son would grow up irreverent, irresponsible and ultimately squandering his family inheritance - his father had him sent to a monastery deep in the mountains to be disciplined and educated. Under the tutelage of the monks, Nalydros learned patience, temperance, prudence and virtue. Despite this, his spirit was still in turmoil and he longed for the freedom of the wilderness.

On the night of his graduation - knowing that he would be returning home to inherit the family lumber business and likely never to experience the freedom he sought - Nalydros planned to flee into the woods before the commencement ceremony. But, as he began packing his belongings he was caught by his peer and friend who convinced him to at least stay and receive his diploma before running away. Nalydros complied and left his diploma and a letter to his parents in a little wooden box which he left on his bunk in his dorm for the monks to find.

Nalydros fled into the woods that night, heading for the coast, performing odd jobs and tasks to earn supplies and wages along the way. He made it to a port where he chartered passage in exchange for labor aboard the ship. The boat sailed west, to a newly discovered and largely unfamiliar continent called "The Realms".

In the year 1012 R.D., shortly after landing on these foreign shores, Nalydros met a band of roving knights who were currently working to resolve a dispute between the warring factions in the Prince River Valley, west of the nation Rhiassa. From these knights, Nalydros learned how to fight, and learned the values of honor and chivalry. He worked to help mitigate and ultimately end the dispute between the warring factions, which united to form Clan Riverhawk - a coalition of tribes of which Nalydros was a Chief Advisor. He pledged his sword to the clan for several years as its man-at-arms and fought in conflicts including the North South War, Queen's War and the Shade Outbreak.

After an age, Nalydros' time with Clan Riverhawk came to an end, and in the year 1015 R.D. he handed the mantle of Chief Advisor to the next generation of Riverhawks. Shortly after, he was approached by the Lord of Rhiassa - Sir Aeston Stromgate - and asked to join the Lion Militia. He served as its man-at-arms for a time, yet it was not long before his spirit yearned for freedom and the lure of independent adventure consumed him. He humbly requested leave from the militia, to which Lord Aeston released him from duty.

Now, in the year 1017 R.D., Nalyrdors works as a free agent - an independent fighter pledging his sword to those in need (and - should the mood strike him) to wealthy patrons of the coin. In his travels he has made some life-long friends, including Bartholomew Victor - the arrogant archer/bard/barman, Thel' Danos - the kind, yet passionate and fierce warrior, Estome Dawnchaser - the self-exiled elven healer, and Shimly - the eccentric, two-headed, forest dwelling ogre. Nalydros' time with the monks has given him discipline and resolve, and his time with the knights has taught him honor, duty and respect. Nevertheless, Nalydros is a wild spirit, and his old habits and passionate temper get the best of him on occasion - fearlessly (and foolhardily) charging into situations with no intension of retreat, very often getting his questing party into trouble. It has been years since Nalydros has been back overseas in the Acrean Empire, and he longs to return home to Gaddison. He worries however, about returning home to his parents, and about the strained relationship he has with them after his sudden and long departure. He fear that the day he returns home to Gaddison may very well be the day he vanishes from The Realms, forever.