Barony of East Blackwood

Barony of East Blackwood

Established 3 n.d.K, the Barony of East Blackwood formed at that year's Convent of the Elements.  The Barony is located north-east region of Kahl'Hatra within the Duchy of Validar.  Sir Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood was crowned Baron with the blessing of the Elements and Edelphi during the yearly gathering of the Seals and Settlers. 

Barony of East Blackwood

The Barony of East Blackwood was forged out of the two north eastern most islands of eastern Kahl'Hatra. The two islands are separated only by a small and narrow river.  East Blackwood itself has only settled the small island an a small portion of the main island but claims the whole as their barony.

In the late spring and early summer of 3 n.d.K, soldiers from East Blackwood and Thoringaard, supported by mercenaries, marched south west into Kahl'Hatra from Fort Confluence.  They came into contact with three units of Black Dynasty Rahks.  United, the Crusader force was able to overcome the three enemy groups culminating in the liberation of an old and ruined Razash'dai village. 

The baron, Sir Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood, was officially crowned at that year's Convent of the Elements.  Master William Klatch was given a team of East Blackwood Company to work on the restoration of the area.  Captain Varn Delany and Corporal Annabel were put in charge of defense and scouting operations.

Oak Hill

Oak Hill was founded several months after its opening festival, the Festival of Life.  Oak Hill, founded from a restored Razash'Dai village, was liberated in 3 n.d.K.  Restoration began immediately with the tavern being the first building restored for use.  This was followed by the Embassy Guard barracks and then everything else.  The village opened officially for the Festival of Life later that year and welcomed guests for the first time since the fall of Kahl'Hatra. 

Today the village is host to The Salty Stick Tavern and many of the Barony of East Blackwood's people and serves as the primary settlement of the new barony.

Feudal Life

The Barony of East Blackwood follows a feudal structure holding its loyalty to the Crown of Blackwood and to the Duchy of Validar where it resides.  The Barony's structure and culture are rooted in that of the Kingdom of Blackwood yet together with the other Validarian barons, East Blackwood supports the Crusade of the Elements and the Duchess of Validar.

The lord of East Blackwood is the Baron followed by Knights of Blackwood followed by any other nobles sworn to the land.  The merchant class plays a big role in East Blackwood as well as its Baron still holds the title of "Leader of the East Blackwood Company."  E.B.Co merchants with Master Merchant Djako Kaevh at the head make up the merchant class's higher echelons within East Blackwood.  This is followed by skilled trades and crafts-persons then by soldiers, clerks, and the peasantry.

Knights in the Barony

East Blackwood plays host to knights as well, with four knights being resident of the barony including the baron himself.

Sir Dagger Arkenstone of Blackwood, Knight of Blackwood

Baron Dagger Arkenstone of East Blackwood was knighted in Realms Common Year 1019 at the royal wedding of King Kerrel Kal'Amar Forester and Dame Jinx of Ufern by the King himself, who is also a Knight of Blackwood.

Dame Sayeh Sapherian of Sapphire Isle, Knight of Blackwood

Dame Sayeh of Sapphire Isle was knighted in the winter of Realms Common Year 1023.

Sir Bødvar "BeerHunter" Tock, Knight of the Storm

Sir Bødvar was knighted in 3 n.d.K by Kaela the Leader of the Fortress of Diversity.

Sir Lordas Palatinus

Sir Lordas came to East Blackwood a knight of his homeland and currently serves as a Captain of the Embassy Guard under Commander Anthem and Baron Dagger Arkenstone.

First Sword of East Blackwood