Mythodea / Salty Stick 3: Salt in the Wound


Germany: (Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll Date 15/17.11.2024) After a year of fighting and bleeding for it, East Blackwood and its allies and fellow Duchy of Validar Baronies have secured lands in eastern Kahl'Hatra.  The Barony of East Blackwood has established itself in the North East on two river islands.  Their primary settlement as of now, the Village of Oak Hill. 

Oak Hill Festival:  Baron Dagger of East Blackwood, Marik Fulgrimson, Commander Anthem and Master Djako Kaevh invite YOU to the Oak Hill Festival in honor of the founding of East Blackwood's first "official" settlement. The festival will includes games, gambling, dancing, music and a tournament of a kind. Most importantly, the Oak Hill Festival will include The Salty Stick Tavern!

TICKETS ON SALE 15 March 2024 01:00!

Price Information Bellow

Menu and Drink Card

Item € Cost Amount (COMING SOON)


  • Beer Dark/Pilz/Lager *
  • Wine *
  • Mead Normal/Cherry *
  • Schnaps etc. *
  • Marik Special Weinachten/Christmas 1d6 Roll
  • Glühgin *
  • Glühmet *
  • Cola/Fanta/Apfelschorle *
  • Apple Juice *


  • `Potato Soup *
  • Potato Soup with Sausage *
  • Small Troll Plate *

(Must be ordered before 15:00)

Mixed Food Plate

  • Big Troll Plate *

(Must be ordered before 15:00)

Mixed Food Plate

What to Expect:

  • International Con: We have an International Group and therefore host international Cons. Expect most of the Con to be presented in English with plenty of Germans to fill in the blanks.
  • Salty Stick Tavern: Marik has taken his tavern South to Kahl'hatra to support the soldiers fighting there against the Forsaken. Enjoy drink and a some food (what the Tavern and E.B.Co supplies can ration)
  • Possible Trouble (Plot): Last year at the Festival of Life a guest was murdered by another guest. Punishment was given but will the lord of that soldier accept the result or will he want further "compensation?"
  • More Possible Trouble (Plot):  Last year several stories ran at once.  It is not a stretch to think there will be more than one this time as well.

Things to Bring:

  • Blankets and pillows are NOT included so you should bring your own.
  • Please bring your own IT cups and mugs and feasting gear to eat and drink with.
  • There are NO onsite pots, pans and other kitchen utensils so please bring your own if you wish to prepare food there.
  • You should also bring a LARP weapon, perhaps armor as well. You never know if anything may happen and a need of one could be present especially as the setting has changed to an active war-zone.  We read some constructive criticism last year and want to rectify that with more combat opportunities. 

Cleaning: At the end of the con before you leave, please clean up after yourselves.  We will have someone check your huts.  Last year some of us were still cleaning at 21:00 on Sunday last time.

Soft IT Start Time: We will be easing into character and IT play around 17:00. Official IT and OT speeches will likely be given after most of the guests have arrived later that night.

Special Playable Areas: The playable area boundaries will be explained at the Con however the playable area is large and full of trees and streams. More details will come once we know if there is anything new to add.

Place Bring Your Own Cups and Feast Gear: We do have a tavern for you all but not cups, forks, knives etc. for everyone.

Kitchen Time Registration: For participants we have 2 kitchens available for your cooking needs. To keep things organized, we have a google document for you to reserve kitchen times with. Follow the link here tothe document and reserve your kitchen time today!

Dogs: Allowed! You can bring your dogs at no extra cost!

NSCs: Those playing NSCs should bring their own player characters as well as the roles will not be needed the whole Con. Eastern European style soldier or basic armor and dark clothing. The Colors are blank and red. The role is that of a professional soldier.

Con Information

Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll

Date 15-17.11.2024

Early Arrival: TBA

PRICES:  (Tickets Available on SKALD 15.03.24 Starting at 01:00)

  • Batch 1 Player/SC:  35€
  • Batch 2 Player/SC:  €39
  • Batch 3 Player/SC:  €49
  • NSC/NPC:  €15 (Tickets Available by Direct Contact "")
  • East Blackwood Tickets:  Contact Alex/Marik and or Gary/Dagger directly

Camp manger online 1st of August!!!