Medina „Layla“ Delany

Medina "Layla" Delany,

Guard of the Embassy Guard,

Member of the East Blackwood Company

When Varn traveled across the great seas toward Mythodea, his ship stopped at a small port along the way to get a fresh crew.  Of that new crew was Medina.  Median had fled her home due to religious persecution.  Varn and Medina have been traveling together ever since. 

Medina is part of the East Blackwood Embassy after officially being recruited at the second annual Münzfest.  After a short winter, Medina served Ambassador Dagger as his personal guard while fighting the undead armies of the Undead Flesh. For her efforts, she was given a formal contract during the Bluthatz.  

Medina asked Varn to marry her in Realms Year 1020.