Graf Beria de Eline

Graf Beria de Eline, Shaika Gemahl zu Amabis, Ehemaliger Reichsrichter zu Dalag Nor, Kurator der Hütter des Wissens, Eichel des Aufbruchs

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company,

Guard of the Embassy Guard

Count Beria signed joined the East Blackwood Company officially during the Summer Campaign of the Realms Year 1019.  When the official signups for the Champion of the Guard Tournament were going around, Beria put down his name effectively binding himself to the Embassy Guard at least for the duration of the Tournament. 

Beria was given special tasks on behalf of the East Blackwood Company. He is to earn money for the company by any means necessary but without the persecution of the law. One successful endeavor was when Beria formed a team to explore a grand labyrinth underground. His team was the first to successfully map it and subsequently was paid for his efforts in diamonds and gold. Those valuables were then turned over into the East Blackwood Treasury.