Kingdom of Blackwood

The Information is and OT/OOC explanation of who is who in the Kingdom of Blackwood and what the Kingdom of Blackwood is in LARP.

The information that is not clearly an OOC explination of a LARP group can be used as IT information and can be found at every East Blackwood and Realms Deputation in Mythodea, and in the Realms and East Blackwood Embassy in Grain'Quihenya, Western Seal, Mythodea.

Kingdom of Blackwood

The Kingdom of Blackwood is a nation founded in the early 90s within the Realms under Prince Nigel of Alfheim. Since then, the nation has undergone many changes both of rule and of structure. At the end of the 90s, the Nation of Blackwood went into decline. By the early 2000s, the only remaining province of Blackwood was Idaris under Sir "Dark" Deimos (played by Niel Tozier). Niel, through plot and events/cons, slowly took over the nation reforming it into what it has become. Currently, the nation is run by King Kerell (Played by Ben Greene)

King Saegan Hart

King of Blackwood

Lord of Acteon

Knight of Blackwood

Knight of the Eternal Flame

King Saegan Hart ruled the remote lands of Acteon before bending the knee to the then Prince Kerrel of Blackwood.  Saegan Hart was crowned King of Blackwood after the prior king and queen abdicated the throne in summer R.C.Y 1024.

Sir Kerrel Kal'Amar-Forrester

Former King of Blackwood

Knight of Blackwood

Knight of the Steward

Knight of the Realms

Knight of the Eternal Flame

After the death of his brother, Arch Duke Deimos, Sir Kerrel left the Lands of Creathorne to the North to take up his birthright as the new Arch Duke of Blackwood and the Lord of Erowan.  Not long after the prior Prince of Blackwood returned giving his crown to Sir Kerrel making him the new Prince of Blackwood.  Prince Kerrel began to acquire more lands and peoples as nations bent the knee to him.  His people later crowned him the First King of Blackwood.

Dame Jinx

Former Queen of Blackwood

Knight of Blackwood

Lady of Ufern

Knight of the Eternal Flame

Queen Jinx was the Lady of Ufern, a small nation to the West of Blackwood Proper, for a long time.  Lady Jinx and the King had a courtship for over tweenty years with the Lady of Ufern rejecting the idea of marraige on the principle that her people accepted no man as its ruler.  Finally, however, in R.Y. 1019 at the Fest of Blackwood, Lady Jinx married King Kerrel becoming Blackwood's first queen.

Duke Nos of Hemenshire

Duke of Hemenshire

One of the longest standing nobles of Blackwood, Nos earned his lordship of Hemenshire after the late Arch Duke Deimos had reconqured the Lands of Blackwood. Since, Lord Nos has been elevated to Duke Nos by the Crown of Blackwood.

Duke Tao Ya Kang of Clontarf

Duke of Clontarf

Knight of Blackwood

Knight of the Eternal Flame

Knight of Chaos

Duke Tao Ya Kang was elevated to the title of Duke by the Crown of Blackwood in recent years alongside Duke Nos of Hemenshire.  Once Tao had been knighted he had also aquired his lands of Clontarf.

Lord Sir Mathias

Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood

Lord of Verglaz

Knight of Blackwood

Knight of the Eternal Flame

Previously of Folkstone, Mathias was squired to the King of Blackwood who was a Knight of Blackwood himself.  Once Mathias was knighted he was offered the new Lands of Verglaz which he accepted leaving Folkstone for Blackwood.  Today, Lord Sir Mathias is the Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood.

Lord Sir Valur (Bones) Gurg

Lord of Idaris

Knight of Blackwood

Also among the longest standing nobles of Blackwood, Lord Sir Valur Gurg has a checkered history.  For a time, his knighthood was removed from him as punishment for actions against the people of Blackwood to save the King of Blackwood.  Since, however, his titles have been restored.

Lord Sir Seeker

Lord of Eroewan

Knight of Blackwood

Lord Sir Seeker is a mysterious case among the nobility of Blackwood known as King Kerrel's shadow.  Lord Sir Seeker was given the leadership of Eroewan. 

Sir Guilliam O'Bearikin of Invictus

Lord of Shadowdragon

Knight of Blackwood

Sir Guilliam was once of Hemenshire many years ago and later Thorne Valley. Sir Guilliam is among, if not thee, longest serving Knight of Blackwood. Sir Guilliam, however, is currently a citizen and soldier of Invictus a powerful nation to the South.

Lord Sir Torolf "Iron Greaves"

Lord of Alonis

First Knight of Blackwood

First Knight of the Sable Dragon

One of the newer Lords of Blackwood, Lord Sir Torolf became the Lord of Alonis a provice that has had trouble in the past decade and a half to keep its leadership.  Since Lord Sir Torolf took over, however, Alonis has begun to stabilize.

Character Bio

Lord Sir Magnus Heavyhammer of Folkstone

Lord of the Dark Isle

Knight of Blackwood

A sword citizen of Blackwood for a long time, Sir Magnus Heavyhammer was made Lord of the Dark Isle (the Blackwood half) after recieving his knighthood.

Lords Faust and Meds

Lords of Kalumendaka

For a time, Faust and Meds left Blackwood to form their own nation out of lands further to the North.  It was not long before they succeeded, and returned to bend the knee once more to the Crown of Blackwood becomin joint Lords of Blackwood.

Lord Vaylon

Lord of Thorne Valley

Lord Vaylon has ruled the lands of Thorne Valley for at least two decades.  Thorne Valley was gifted many years ago by the previous heir to Blackwood and the lands seperated from Blackwood once Blackwood began to decline after the disapearance of both its Prince and its heir.  With the return of stable leadership, Lord Vaylon bent the knee to Prince Kerrel of Blackwood, now king, rejoining Thorne Valley to it.

Lord Nigel

Lord of Alfheim

The prior Prince of Blackwood and the one who brought it into prominance so many years ago. He returned back to Alfheim for a long time after naming Sir Aeryk his heir as Nigel had no children of his own.  Sir Aeryk, the eldest brother of Kerrel and Deimos, disapeared however.  Lord Nigel returned only after Arch Duke Deimos has reformed the nation under one banner once more and had died shortly after.  Nigel then gave his princely crown to the then new Arch Duke, Deimos's brother, Sir Kerrel of Creathorne. 

Sir Trent Shadowdragon of Invictus

Lord of Archoria

Knight of Blackwood

Knight of Chaos

Sir Trent Shadowdragon has had a long and interesting life leading up to now.  Some near 20 years ago when Blackwood was in decline, the Provence of Archoria was active but seperated from Blackwood.  In that time, it had joined an alliance known as The Empire.  Since then, however, the lands were once again returned to Blackwood but Lord Sir Trent maitains his lordship over the lands even though he is a citizen and soldier of Invictus, a powerful nation to the South.

Above symbol of Achoria.  Invictus not pictured.

Noble House:  Not a Blackwood Provence

Lord Dagger of East Blackwood

Baron of East Blackwood

Ambassador to the East

Legate of the East

Knight of Blackwood

Leader of the East Blackwood Company

Mayor of CrestGrath

The Baron of East Blackwood, Sir Dagger was knighted for his work on behalf of Blackwood in Mythodea and other lands to the Far East.  He was also recently granted one of two Votes as Legate of the East in deciding Sworn Blackwood citizenship.

Sir Aryss Destuval

Knight of Blackwood

Sir Aryss Destuval serves Blackwood as a Knight of Blackwood and Crown Guard yet her own people, The Northern Alliance, are no longer bound to the King as they once were.  Still, she maintains her ties as a Knight and Guard.

No longer a Blackwood Land

Sir Kara Nithisdottir

Knight of Blackwood

Sir Kara Nithisdottir was knighted relatively recently. (More information needed)

Dame Mytia

Knight of Blackwood


Sir Pillipus

Knight of Blackwood

Steward of Erowan

Sir Pillipus was knighted at the Feast of Blackwood R.Y. 1021.

Lord Vesper

Lord of Najina

Knight of Blackwood

Champion of Blackwood

Sir Vesper was the prior High Mage of Blackwood before being knighted a Knight of Blackwood at Feast of Blackwood R.C.Y 1022 and earning the Title of Champion of Blackwood at Feast of Leviathan R.C.Y 1023.

Noble House:  Not a Blackwood Provence

Dame Sayeh of Sapphire Ilse

Knight of Blackwood

Representative of Blackwood

Lagate of the West

Dame Sayeh of Sapphire Isle was knighted in Voranis at Voranis court in the summer of R.C.Y 1023. She is also one of two votes as Legate of the West in deciding Sworn Blackwood citizenship.

Not a Blackwood Provence

Liana Lae'lae'an

Prior High Mage of Blackwood

At Feast of Leviathan R.C.Y 1023, Liana earned the title of High Mage of Blackwood.  Currently she is actively working on helping any way she can throughout Blackwood and beyond.

Captain Varn Delany

Representative of Blackwood

Not a noble of Blackwod itself yet, Captain Varn Delany of CrestGrath is the squire of Sir Dagger of Blackwood.

Not a Blackwood Provence

Other Sworn Citzens of Blackwood

Sworn Citzens are those who are sworn directly to the Crown of Blackwood.  There are many but it may be difficult to record them all.  This list will be expanded as we acquire more of the needed information for them.

Belle of Eroewan

Belle is among the Idaris origials who served Sir "Dark" Deimos in the time when he reconqured Blackwood.  She currently resides in Eroewan.


Vee is among the newest Sword Citizens of Blackwood and is an excallent crafstman.

Piper of Thorne Valley

One of the longest standing Sword Citizens of Thorne Valley, Piper rarely leaves the grove he lives in but when he does it is typically in the late spring.

Toah of Acteon


Diana Silverwolf

Diana Silverwolf is among the Idaris origials who served Sir "Dark" Deimos in the time when he reconqured Blackwood. She has been missing for years. 

Amanda of Thorne Valley


Akasa of Thorne Valley



Tazzia has been part of Blackwood's Sworn Citizenship for a long time.

Maetsyn Onadea of Alonis

Maetsyn entered the Realms through a Gate near the Town of CrestGrath deep in the Southern Wastes.  From there it was his idea to seek citizenship with the Blackwood province Idaris which led to many of the towns folk to join as well including its Mayor, Dagger.  At one time Maetsyn rose to the hight of Steward of Alonis and may have even been Blackwood's high mage, or at least in the running for it.

Djako Kaevh of Alonis
Djako Kaevh was recently granted full Sword Citizenship by the Crown. The Legates East and West will later peform the ceramony to bring him into the kingdom properly. 

Varn of CrestGrath

Varn of CrestGrath was recently granted full Sword Citizenship by the Crown. The Legates East and West will later peform the ceramony to bring him into the kingdom properly.

Vedo of Acteon


Kirkov Mezgraf




David "Skarda"


Savage Sarah Blackheart of Alonis


Arnulf Stormsforged of Alonis


Rani of Alonis

Rani was previously of Thorne Valley but has since moved to Alonis to serve under its lord.

Rhyne Sol

Rhyne was an accident as he was mistaken for Maetsyn when he was sworn in as a full citizen of Idaris.  Rhyne accepted and did not correct the mistake.


Solvo at one point in time was the protoge' of Dame Celest of Alonis and even served as Steward for a time.


Bødwar became a Sworn Citizen of Blackwood at the Devigil Manor in Copperdale, Lunorth in Mythodea.

 Lady Anna

Lady Anna became a Sworn Citizen of Blackwood at Harromore in the Hohld of Mythodea