Kintzheim, Bicolline

Realms Embassy Kintzheim, Bicolline

Realms Embassy lives in Kintzheim and as so fights with Ragnarok.

"My father, you who have been able to guide our clan forever, give me the wisdom necessary. To our heroes of the past, give me your strength." - Thorstein

Thorstein had accepted the request of his people. The blood that flowed through their veins asked for it. We had to move now. The Empire had offered them a safe and rich place to settle, at least for a while. Their children were there and life was pretty quiet, maybe too quiet. On the other hand, the men and women warriors of Ragnarok felt the opportunities to open before them. Thorstein looked north from the castle with a smile on his lips. He was going to give them what to rejoice... accompanied by the ceremony of the Volva, he threaded his armor slowly. We sacrificed 4 Deer and a man in the name of Gods and ancestors. All fighters were marked with the blood of the ceremony and the horns were ringing everywhere in Kintzheim. Ragnarok was running. Every encounter, every combat was a landslide win. The Army of Nasgoroth were devastated on all accounts and 6 land domains were taken by the Army of Kintzheim.