Mythodea / Salty Stick: Salt on Crusade


Germany:  (Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll Date 24/26.11.2023)  A host of allies and those bonded by their mutual fight against the Forsaken have marched South to Kahl'Hatra once again.  Among them is East Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company.  A somewhat secure location has been acquired within Kahl'Hatra at the location of an abandoned village.  This village now serves as East Blackwood's primary forward-supply-outpost in the region. 

East Blackwood invites all allies, friends and "frienamies" to join them in their potential new home for drink, entertainment and a chance to speak with one another concerning matters of war and conquest in the name of the Elements. There is, however, trouble.  There is always trouble.  Perhaps those who are arriving for the festivities could assist? 

"Plot Information further Down"

Thief Mechanics Change:  See Bellow

Food and Drink Card Bellow!

UPDATE 17.11.2023:

Thief Mechanics Change:  See Bellow

TICKETS: Player Tickets are SOLD OUT! NSCs wanted! Eastern European style soldier or basic armor and dark clothing. The Colors are black and red. Tickets are now for sale on SKALD.COM!

Early Arrival: 08:00 24.11.2023

Food: Some snacks will be available to purchase at the tavern with "Ration Cards" at the tavern. This is a self catering con meaning you cook your own food or purchase from our limited selection at the tavern. The kitchens on location and the attached refrigerators and shelves are free to use for all attendees. Please think of labeling your items should you store them in the kitchens.

Drinks: The tavern will provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic Drinks for a low price. Drinks will be available to you if you purchase "ration cards" (That will be further explained at the Con). Beer and Rattler will be offered as the standard drinks sold at the Tavern. We will have limited supplies of mead, wine, schnapps and other drinks as well. We will also provide non-alcoholic beverages. If there are any special requests, please contacts us with them.

Menu and Drink Card

Item                                                                € Cost                    Amount


  • Beer Dark/Pilz/Lager                            2,50                     0,5 
  • Wine                                                      2,00                    0,2
  • Mead Normal/Cherry                            1,00                     0,1
  • Schnaps etc.                                          1,00                    0,02
  • Marik Special Weinachten/Christmas   1d6 Roll
  • Glühgin                                                  1,50                      0,1
  • Glühmet                                                 2,00                    0,2

  • Cola/Fanta/Apfelschorle                       1,00                     0,5
  • Apple Juice                                            1,50                     0,5


  • Potato Soup                                           3,00
  • Potato Soup with Sausage                    5,00
  • Small Troll Plate                                     10,00

        (Must be ordered before 15:00)           

         Mixed Food Plate

  • Big Troll Plate                                         15,00

        (Must be ordered before 15:00)  

        Mixed Food Plate

Kitchen Time Registration:  For participants we have 2 kitchens available for your cooking needs.  To keep things organized, we have a google document for you to reserve kitchen times with.  Follow the link here to the document and reserve your kitchen time today!

Dogs: Allowed!  You can bring your dogs at no extra cost!

NSCs:  Those playing NSCs should bring their own player characters as well as the roles will not be needed the whole Con.  Eastern European style soldier or basic armor and dark clothing. The Colors are blank and red.  The role is that of a professional soldier. 

What to Expect:

  • International Con: We have an International Group and therefore host international Cons. Expect most of the Con to be presented in English with plenty of Germans to fill in the blanks.
  • Beer Hunt: The notorious Bødvar "The BeerHunter" Tock invites you for a Beer Hunt on the first night of the gathering.
  • Salty Stick "Mobil" Tavern: Marik has taken his tavern South to Kahl'hatra to support the soldiers fighting there against the Forsaken. Enjoy drink and a some food (what the Tavern and E.B.Co supplies can ration)
  • Possible Trouble (Plot): Last year at the First Night at the Salty Stick there were a string of murders perpetrated presumably by a group known as the Brotherhood of the Crescent but to what end East Blackwood and its allies still does not know. Will there be trouble again? Possibly.
  • More Possible Trouble (Plot): Last year the Salty Stick gathering happened at its primary location but this year it is in Kahl'hatra which has been overrun by Black Ice. Will there be a problem this time? Maybe.

Things to Bring:

  • Blankets and pillows are NOT included so you should bring your own.
  • Please bring your own IT cups and mugs and feasting gear to eat and drink with.
  • There are NO onsite pots, pans and other kitchen utensils so please bring your own if you wish to prepare food there.
  • You should also bring a LARP weapon, perhaps armor as well. You never know if anything may happen and a need of one could be present especially as the setting has changed to an active war-zone.

Cleaning: At the end of the con before you leave, please clean up after yourselves.

Early Arrival: 08:00 24.11.2023.

Soft IT Start Time: We will be easing into character and IT play around 17:00. Official IT and OT speeches will likely be given after most of the guests have arrived later that night.

Special Playable Areas: The playable area boundaries will be explained at the Con however the playable area is large and full of trees and streams.  More details will come once we know if there is anything new to add.

Place Bring Your Own Cups and Feast Gear:  We do have a tavern for you all but not cups, forks, knives etc. for everyone.

Con Information

New Location!

Wirftstraße 91, 54589 Stadtkyll

Date 24/26.11.2023

Early Arrival: 08:00 24.11.2023

PRICES:  Tickets available on SKALD.COM !

Single Player Tickets (Sold Out!)

€40 - 12 stk/pcs: 1st April until 30th of June Sold Out!

€45 - 12 stk/pcs: 1st of July Sold Out!

Exclusive Hut 8 Person, 8 Player Tickets (Sold Out!)

€260 - 2 stk/pcs: 1st April until 30th of June Sold Out!

€270 - 2 stk/pcs: 1st of July (Sold Out!)

Half Hut 4 Person, 4 Player Tickets (Sold Out!)

€130- 2 stk/pcs: 1st April until 30th of June Sold Out!

€135 - 2 stk/pcs: 1st of July Sold Out!

VIP Hut with own Exclusive Bathroom 2x4 Person, 8 Player Tickets

€360 - 1 stk/pcs: 1st April until 30th of June Sold Out!

€380 - 1 stk/pcs: 1st of July (Sold Out!)

NSC Ticket

€15 - 8 stk/pcs: all in for 1st of April

NSC Roles:  Eastern European soldier role.  Kahl'Hatra war-veteran.  Other (PM/N for details)

2 Night Ambience/Adventure Con with rooms and beds for guests


  • Light snacks will be offered along with basic non-alcoholic drinks to buy with "Ration's Cards" at the bar.  This may not be enough food to satisfy your hunger for the whole con.  You should bring your own food and you can use one of our kitchens.
  • Various gambling options will be provided.
  • Fire will be permitted Fire Warning Level permitting.
  • We are currently looking to provide some sort of musical entertainment.
  • Alcohol will be provided at a low cost of Tavern Cards (will be represented as Ration Cards due to the IT Setting). Cards will be valued at 10 Euro per card. A detailed price list is to follow.

The Proprietor

Marik Fulgrimson is a Merchant and Harbormaster of the East Blackwood Company as well as a Guard of the Embassy Guard. He is also, the proprietor of The Salty Stick and he has traveled South from the Reich der Rosen to Kahl'hatra to offer the Salty Stick's tavern services to any present.

The Beer Hunter

Bødvar "The BeerHunter" Tok, Corporol of the Embassy Guard and Sworn of Blackwood hosts The Beer Hunt on the first evening of the Gathering.

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau continues her struggle against the Syconian Count.  At Sir Dagger's urging, she reaches out for help.

Sir Dagger of Blackwood

Sir Dagger of Blackwood invites all willing, and hopefully armed, Mythodeans and allies from beyond to come to Kahl'hatra and discuss how and if they would be willing to help in the Crusade against the Elements there.

The General, Azura

General Azura leads the Embassy Guard.... well sort of.  She is one rank higher than her handler, Commander Anthem.  Azura the dog will be there to greet you all.

The Plot

(NOTE: Plot subject to change depending on the success or failure of the missions at Blood of the Validar 1 )

Last year at the First Night at the Salty Stick, an Embassy Guard and a Merchant were both murdered.  One of the guests was also a target of the murderer but was able to fight him off.  The murderer was caught but he killed himself before he could be questioned.  After these attacks an investigation was launched led by Master Gideon Klaud and Logaan, Champion of the Embassy Guard. 

What was learned:

A count from Lady Anna's homeland has been attempting to coarse her into marriage presumably to join her families lands and incomes to his own.  He has also attempted to coarse a companion of Lady Anna, Lurius, into convincing Lady Anna to agree to the terms. 

At the Summer Campaign (Conquest 2022) Lady Anna received a bleeding skull from an unknown sender.  Lady Anna received a Declaration of Mortality for her brother Lord Valintine von Rabenau.  At the First Night at the Salty Stick a ritual spell was performed to determine the fate of the person who's skull Lady Anna had received.  The owner of the skull was determined to be Lord Valintine von Rabenau and his murderers were men and women baring the Count's heraldry.

The assassin at the First Night of the Salty Stick confirmed his identity as being a member of the Brotherhood of the Crescent.  He was reported to have been asking after "The Lady" and "Her Decision" but beyond that there is yet nothing to connect the Brotherhood definitively to the Count.  All evidence that has been collected has been given to Baron Sir Varik of Zweiwasser.

Lady Anna has a plan to perhaps end this issue once and for all.  She plans on inviting the Count to Mythodea to speak on a potential marriage contract.  Commander Anthem of the Embassy Guard has also increased security measures with the help of some allies to counter the Brotherhood of the Crescent should they strike again.


East Blackwood and her allies have marched South to Kahl'Hatra to fight against the Forsaken Black Ice in a holy war.  Many have there own reasons for being here but for whatever the reason, they have marched on.  With a small portion of Kahl'hatra secured, East Blackwood has established themselves in a small villiage.  Although the locaiton is behind the front lines, the Forsaken are still a present threat.  How or will the Black Ice attempt to harm the Settlers and Crusaders?  That remains to be seen.

Update 13.07.2023:  After bloody fighting in the center of East Kahl'Hatra and in the South, a few semi-permanent outposts were secured. In the North, facing weaker resistance, an abandoned village was secured.  At Camp C at the Hill of Firs Validar, the Crusaders and Settler forces managed to secure the region and cleanse it of Black Ice corruption allowing the land the chance to heal.  In the North the region was secured but the land has a blight over it that must be cured if East Blackwood plans to stay there.  The land needs to heal there as well.  But what is this blight?  How can we cure it?

OT: Explanation

The plot consists of two parts, a continuation of the ongoing Brotherhood of the Crescent and Syconian Count story and the continuation of the Crusade of the Elements against the Black Ice in Kahl'hatra. For this Con the plot is designed to add flavor and engagement for those who whish to participate. It should only serve to supplement the Con rather than dominate it as the Salty Stick hopes to provide character play and celebration of life. Still, there should be plenty of flavor weaved into the two Con days.

Thief Mechanics Change: (Deutsch Unten)


At Salt on Crusade, we will be playtesting a change to the thieving mechanics. In most cases, Mythodea uses the color red to denote if an item is a stealable item or not. This works well for most people but not for those who are color blind. Due to this, we will be applying removable-wooden tags to items that can be stolen.

These items can go home with you after the con if they are in your position at the end of it. Only then can a player remove the tags. Below is an example of the wooden tags. There will be some extra tags at the tavern should you wish to apply them to items you have brought to the Con with you.


We look forward to your feedback after the Con.




Guten Morgen, Salt on Crusade-Teilnehmer!


Bei Salt on Crusade werden wir eine Änderung an der Diebstahlsmechanik testen. In den meisten Fällen verwendet Mythodea die Farbe Rot, um zu kennzeichnen, ob ein Gegenstand gestohlen werden kann oder nicht. Das funktioniert für die meisten Spieler gut, aber nicht für diejenigen, die farbenblind sind. Aus diesem Grund werden wir Gegenstände, die gestohlen werden können, mit abnehmbaren Holzschildern versehen.


Diese Gegenstände können nach dem Con mit nach Hause genommen werden, wenn sie sich am Ende des Con in eurer Position befinden. Erst dann kann ein Spieler die Schilder entfernen. Unten sehen Sie ein Beispiel für die Holzanhänger. In der Taverne gibt es einige zusätzliche Anhänger, falls ihr sie an Gegenständen anbringen wollt, die ihr zur Con mitgebracht habt.


Wir freuen uns auf euer Feedback nach der Con.