Robert "Prince Bob" of Hemenshire

Robert of Hemenshire 

Aka "Prince Bob" Aka "Robert No Hands"

Lt. Representative 1st Class of the East Blackwood Embassy,

Guard of the Embassy Guard

Robert was among the Blackwood soldiers who were sent to escort Sayeh of Sapphire Isle to Mythodea.  Upon arriving he shown more interest in Embassy affairs and in the new lands.  This led him to join the Summer Campaign of Realms Common Year 1018 on the Island of the World Forge.  He served his country well during the campaign but unfortunately lost his hands in a cultural altercation just before leaving the island.  Robert has since been under special care within the holdings of Blackwood in Mythodea until such a time that Robert can regain his fighting function. 

Robert grew up on a farm in the Blackwood Province of Hemenshire.  To avoid being married off to the daughter of another farmer, Robert joined the Blackwood army.  He served as a guard near Shalindar Keep for a time before being reassigned by the King to his personal detail.  When Sayeh made her maiden voyage to Mythodea, Robert was among those chosen to escort her.