Sir Simon Gheradnne Goodfellow

Sir Simon Gheradnne Goodfellow

Simon Gheradnne Goodfellow was born in the land of Fairhaven. His mother was a priestess of Johanna Deer. My mother had a brief encounter with a half-elf ranger that she healed one day. Nine months later I was born. I never knew or met my father. Growing up in the lands of Fairhaven, I followed in my mother's footsteps and followed the same priestess as her. I served for many years under the priestess. My fellow countrymen Tak and I decided to leave the land of Fairhaven to create our own land, called Val Dara with people that share the same beliefs and ideals as us. There I became the Lord Vicar.

Many years have since passed since then, and Duchess Dame Gill asked me to come back to Fairhaven and help her run the Duche and granted me the title of Baron. Many years later, there were rumors of a new land across the ocean from the realms. This nation is called Bicolline. On the behalf of the Duchess and Lord Sir Sean, to scout out this new and see if new allies can be made here. I ended up fighting on behalf of King Ritann of the Southern Kingdoms with Ordo while I was there.

I came and reported back to both the Duchess and Sir Shean. It was decided to form a coalition of the Realm to explore and make friends and allies in these new kingdoms. To be called Realm Embassy, I ended up becoming an emissary of this new guild. Our goal is to set up an embassy in every land within Bicolline.

Our first Grand Battle we supporting King Ritann of the southern lands. During this time I was knighted by King Ritann for the services I did for the kingdom. Due to circumstances it was decided to leave the southern lands and we now live in Kintzheim with our extended family, the Guild of Ragnarok, the house in Redemption and also align ourselves with the Empire.

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