A fierce fighting woman and one of the Embassy's interrupters, Gilgilad joined the Realms Embassy for a fall campaign (1019) against Ordo Magus and a month later agaisnt Vakten.

Her story begins when Gilgalad left home at a young age. She always lived as an independent woman. She always knew, deep in her heart, that she would travel many roads and cross oceans to discover how the world worked. She was 17 when she start her journey. By traveling west, she discovered the oriental culture. She stayed with an army general and started learning the art of being a warrior and a sword soldier. She was fascinated by the way the soldiers were moving with their swords. She had been learning some techniques when a real war begun.

Gilgalad fought hard and with bravery until her master died on the battlefield. She deserted the war and escaped after. She followed a road north, far north. She almost died on the way up but she received help by some strangers upon the road. They welcomed Gilgalad and fed her until she recovered.

When Gilgilad recovered she discovered that she was in a manor, full of elegance, riches and culture. She still don't know why the strangers had rescued her but, at that time she stayed and tried to learn how to live among them. They were dressed very nicely clad in rich fabrics. Gilgalad learned that they were influential in the world. While she was staying with the strangers, she start learning how to read. This arrived naturally and very quickly and in few month she revealed a real talent in learning the new subject and as such the interest her hosts had for her started to raise.

They started to present Gilgalad to multiple people at the royal court. She learned how to act in those situations. She liked playing the game of the court. Also her shape and natural elegance helped her create opportunity. While she was up there, she learned a non-neglect-able amount of knowledge.

After a while Gilgalad decided to leave, as that place had nothing more to give her and feed her spirit. She heard about a clan who traveled the southern roads exploring and creating links between different lands. So she went south and arrived at the Realms Embassy camp. Gilgalad introduced herself to the chief and told him how she could help with the knowledge she had to conquer more Northern and Eastern land. This is where her journey really began, as a member of the Realms Embassy.