Yuber Dartson

Yuber Dartson,

Guard of the Embassy Guard - Captain Rate,

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

Yuber came to East Blackwood after reading an East Blackwood Company ad in the Mitrasperanische Herold.  He has since served honorably as a member of the Embassy Guard and as an aspiring Merchant of the E.B.Co.

Yuber Dartson is the son of Dart and a Scout and emissary for the Fair Winds Trading Company. He has been trained by his father Dart in melee combat as well as military tactics and strategy. Yuber has one adoptive brother Geirr.

Yuber has used his travels as a scout and emissary to help his search for his father when Dart disappeared 19 years ago.  Yuber and his brother have spent the last 19 years looking for their father. Yuber prefers to not gain rank or too much recognition so he can continue to operate in the shadows and broaden his search for his missing father. His travels have taken him to many countries and continents.

On his latest voyage, He, and the crew he was with encountered dense fog while sailing east.  As the fog cleared, he found himself in uncharted waters (at least for him and this crew). Once making landfall he found a newsletter in the only language he could speak of those present in the new land. It was the East Blackwood Company's "The Ambassador" newspaper. Having experience working for a trading company already, he felt this was a great chance to learn of this new place, its main goods and trades, politics, trade routes, and how he could possibly get home. But only after looking for his lost father.