Letao Vier

Work in Progress.  Letao should arrive in time for Conquest 2022.

Letao Vier,

Guard of the Embassy Guard

At a young age, Letao Vier was trained in the art of healing, as it was his family's practice. The Vier family were healers for a village in Blackwood and the surrounding area. 

Letao worked with the mercenaries as a combat healer for a few years, earning money to support his wish to further educate himself in the ways of healing. Upon arrival in a town near Shalindar Keep, Letao learned of the Embassy in Mythodea, and began to wonder what kind of medical advances they have there. Letao applied to join the East Blackwood Company, and two weeks later set sail.

Once across the great seas and through the Fog, Letao felt his magic fading.  Upon hearing the stories of his fellow shipmates about the wars in Mythodea and the permanence of death prevalent there, Letao invested some of his school savings on armor and weapons as soon as he made port at Porto Armatio on the Continent of Mythodea.