Raelene Skie - Merchant of the East Blackwood Company, Lt. Representative 1st Class of the East Blackwood Embassy

Raelene Skie is the adopted sister of Sayeh of Sapphire Isle. On Sapphire Isle, she was given the position of Harbor Master. She arrived in Mythodea on a mission from Sayeh to bring Dagger of Blackwood various goods from his homeland along with an important letter of title. The ship that brought her there, however, left without her stranding her on the continent. She has since worked with the Ambassador on many of his projects often standing in for him and a semi-official capacity. 

Olga - Tradeswoman of the East Blackwood Company - Cook

Olga is the housemaid of the Deputation of Blackwood in Zweiwasser. She was hired from her family by the ambassador when he was on mission in the Hohld. She is not well versed in the cultures and customs of the Realm of Roses and can often come off as stern and bullish when first meeting her. 

Aeryk of Idaris - Soldier of Blackwood, Guard of the Embassy Guard

Named after the missing and reportedly dead Lord Aeryk Valhuseran, the Lord of Heminshire, the brawny soldier hailed from the  Blackwood Provence of Idaris though he served, at least until recently, at Blackwood's seat of power as a castle guard in Shalindar Keep.  He was assigned to guard Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle during her journey to Mythodea. Now that he is in Mythodea, Aeryk has since been sent to guard the Copperdale E.B.Co district in Lunorth where he is least likely to cause trouble.

Kreah (Kray-Ah) Sisterhood House; Sapphire Isle/Phoenix Role; Gardener and vermin control 

A fox skin walker found in a performing circus. Freedom paid for by Altana Cecil when she was being starved to death for refusing to change out of her fox body before the public. If she stays a fox or a human too long, she can become aggressive and feral. She prefers to stay in the gardens close to the Phoenix Manor, though on occasion has been seen near the port looking for rats or other vermin stowing away on ships trying to come on to the island. Appearance/Behavior/Markings; Auburn hair, Orange eyes, short, rather slim, clever, protective, keeps to herself, not very sociable, can become aggressive when insulted or mocked.

Claire Sisterhood House; Sapphire Isle/Phoenix Role; Assistant to the Innkeeper at The Knave and Swain Tavern 

Not one of the original, Claire is the newest sister in the Jade Dragon Sisterhood, some say the first exclusive sister of the Sapphire Phoenix House only. Found by Sayeh after a shipwreck, she lost her beloved at sea. Since then, she was almost kidnapped by sea creatures to be turned into a siren, but this attempt was thwarted by Tuilli, Axel, and Swoop. Since then, she has dedicated herself to keeping her new home in order. Appearance/Behavior/Markings; Black Hair, brown eyes, nervous, shy, some signs of trauma through working through that slowly, has a fear of thunderstorms and being at sea when land is not in sight, likes to clean (hates a messy house), pleasant, welcoming, usually does not like loud large crowds and roughhousing unless she's being paid to deal with it, hates drunks.

Jezabel "Jezza" Ago Sisterhood House; Sapphire Isle/Phoenix Role; Security/Lieutenant of Sapphire Port and the Island 

Jezebel's history is unknown for the most part. She will sometimes mention that she was apart of some kind of cult that she was liberated/rescued from by the then Altana Cecil. She cannot have children as were the vows and sacrifice of her time in the cult. Jezebel is a skilled swordsman, prefers to dress like a sailor or in men's clothing and armor. Appearance/Behavior/Markings; Long red hair, blue eyes, tall, athletic build, rather straightforward, honest, seductive, two surgical scars lower hips usually can't be seen, red scar on the upper right arm about 5 inches long...