Sir Bødvar Tock "The BeerHunter"

"Rule number one: Don't die sober!" - Bødvar Beerhunter

Sir Bødvar Tock "The BeerHunter"

Knight of the Storm

Representative of the East Blackwood Embassy,

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company,

Mythodean Investigator for Validar,

Corporal of the Embassy Guard

Born in a small town far in the north, Bødvar worked as a mercenary in several Expeditions and Adventures until one fateful event in a tavern in Moringaard.

Sir Dagger and some of the Guards were talking and playing dice there. Bødvar joined in and a couple of rounds later, he lost all of his money to the (cheating?) ambassador.

Without any coins left, Bødvar took the *generous* offer to work as a guardsman for a year and a day.

Since that time he can be seen protecting whatever or whoever he is told to.

As a special treatment, Bødvar is allowed to leave for adventures, when there is time.