Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

Sir Shean O'Quinnlin, Guildmaster of the Realms Embassy in Bicolline, Lord of Creathorne

Bourne in the 2nd age in the Far Northern Realms, to Loralai and John O'Quinnlin. His mother, being one of the Elven High Priestess of Moonglade Forest, met John when he was brought into the forest during the first Drow wars in the region with a Sevier wound received. Sir Shean has two older brothers John JR, Ron and twin much younger step-siblings Don and Fawn (Some call her Willow).

Shean left Moonglade Forest traveling south to the lands known as Dragonsbane after his service years through the 2nd Drow War. After several Years supporting Dragonsbane through the Civil War and other nations through the wars of those times, he was elevated to the title of Knight and granted lands by Lord Stirling of Dragonsbane and Prince Robbert II of Glendale. During the Wayland Wars, The Water Wars, and the First Fea Wars, he was given support for the Lands of Creathorne by Queen Meg of Chimeron and King Tithan of Verai putting the two unicorn supporters on the Creathorne heraldry (the only heraldry in the lands of the Realms to have supporters). 

He was also given Fae Favor by Queen Titania of the Selie Court on a few occasions and his Squad of Blood Caps was asked by King Cucollen of the True Court to reactivate the squad for the 3rd Fae Wars. During the wars with Zermarks and those in Stonewood, back and forth time travel rituals were done that has not favored anyone who participated well in terms of health and aging.

Many Years and many Wars have transpired since Sir Shean has come to the realms. It is very rare that he ventures to visit his mother and family in Elven lands, even rarer that he sees his family venture to The Realms. His sister is seen a few times a year selling Elven clothing at fairs. His mother has not been seen in Realms for a very long time. His Wife Sally, sons Robert and James and his Daughter Maggie do not venture to the battlefields much any longer but, on rare occasions, James can still be seen.

Recent transactions: Sir Shean had heard rumor of some other lands far from Realms called Bicolline and one known as Mythodea. After discussions with a few Nation's rulers, an Embassy was started. Simon Goodfellow, also known as, Gheradne, was sent to scout Bicolline and Dagger Arkenstone Of Blackwood was sent to scout Mythodea. Sir Shean Has ventured to Bicolline and travels back and forth quite often with Envoys from Realms. Embassy offices have been set up in a few Kingdoms. Working closely with Ragnarock and the Empire. Sir Shean receives correspondence from Dagger but has not had the time to sail to Mythodea as of yet. Discussions are in the works for trade goods to be exchanged and possibly an office set up at this time. At least one Envoy plans to sail their this year.