Varn Delany

Varn Delany,

Squire of the Knights of Blackwood

Captain of the Embassy Guard,

Representative of the East Blackwood Embassy,

Varn was found by Dagger of Blackwood in the Southern Wastes of the Realms.  The mayor of CrestGrath, Dagger, took Varn when he was still a boy to the only nearby civilized settlement, CrestGrath. There, the librarian of the Library of CrestGrath adopted Varn teaching him to read and write.  Varn spent much of his time either working in the library or performing his civic duty on in the town guard.  Recently, after Dagger's long absence from the town, Varn chose to travel to Mythodea to serve Dagger in hopes of seeing something more than the small town he grew up in.

Currently, Varn is serving as Guard Captain. In the Realms Year 1019 during the Summer Campaign in Myhdodea, Varn lead the Blackwood line against the Undead legions of Episcorpa.  The line was successful in breaking through the enemy ranks allowing various champions and special weapons to destroy Episcorpa.

Varn Delany married Medina Delany at the Terra Ankor during the summer campaign of 1 N.d.K.  Varn also accepted to be Sir Dagger of Blackwood's squire making him a squire to the Knights of Blackwood.