Don Anthem DeVigil, Delos HORD

Don Anthem DeVigil, Delos HORD

Commander of the Embassy Guard, 

Master Tradesman of the East Blackwood Company,

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

Hailing from the lands of E'ci, the continent of Eorzea, in the township of The Grove, Don Anthem DeVigil Del HORD was born into a common family of craftsmen. Raised as a crafter Anthem learned many skills such as leathercrafting, blacksmithing, carpentry, and painting. Although he knows the principles of these skills, his passion is leathercrafting. His skill is shown in the armor he wears, which is mostly handmade by him. His second passion is painting, his ability to dye and paint his armor into glorious pieces of art impresses many people on the battlefield, almost to the point of it being a distraction.

At the age of 25 Anthem decided to join the Peoples Army simply out of boredom with the day's ins and outs of mundane life. Looking to experience new views on life, Anthem quickly broke out of his introvert shell to make lifelong friends and allies. Anthem excelled in archery and climbed to ranks of the master archers, he also received many commendations for his skills by his mentors. During his eight years of service, he was deployed on many scouting missions, which made him adept at being able to find the weaknesses of whomever his enemies are. After he had completed his service he was awarded the title of "Don", which is given to top ranking contributors of the Peoples Army.

Anthem bought land and a home in the northern lands of Eorzea, in the Kingdom of San d'Oria. Here he had many adventures, during these adventures he met his lifelong ally and friend Baron Tickle. After only a few years of adventuring with Baron Tickle, they decided to recruit more people into their inner circle of friendship. Thus the House Of Radical Dudes (HORD) was born! For ten years Anthem continued in living in San d'Oria, honing his skills in archery and leathercrafting, forming bonds with allies, taking many lovers and enjoying life. But Anthem was craving more...

One day Anthem felt the beckoning of other lands for him to explore. He hosted a magnificent gathering at his home The Grand Lodge and informed his friends that he must go and experience more of the world. Although his friends were sad to see him go, they understood and wished him good luck in his new endeavor. So on the tenth year of him being in San d'Oria he gave up his home of many years to find a new path to make. Anthem booked passage on a frigate to cross the vast sea called The Deep that separated the two largest continents on E'ci, Eorzea, and Feydwer. During the journey across The Deep a massive sea squall hit the frigate Highwind, which was thrown off course and crashed onto unknown shores. Anthem woke up on the seashore to find not a soul in sight, only a wrecked frigate and some supplies. He gathered what he could and set out on the new adventures he was seeking to find.

During the Summer Campaign 16 n.d.E., Anthem suffered a fall from a ladder during the initial attack of the Forsaken.  He has since developed a phobia of ladders.  We wish him well on his road to recovery.


Anthem is currently the Administrative Leader of the East Blackwood Company Copperdale District in the Protectorate of Lunorth.  He has also been assigned as Commander of the Embassy Guard.  Recently there have been some advances in the establishment of the Guard which may take Anthem away from Copperdale for the supervising of Guard training in the Western Seal.