Eridan Crabsbane

Eridan Swiftblade,

Eridan Crabsbane

Guard of the Embassy Guard

Champion of the Embassy Guard

In the Lands of Albion, back when the lions and harts where one, is where Eridan Swiftblade grew and made his name.

His last memory before his rest that Eridan Swiftblade remembers is that of his last kill, it was a hot intense battle of fey folk and elves, in his memory he felt young and could feel the heat of battle rushing through his body.

He sprung in his twin blades whirling, a low strike to the knee, made his elven opponent drop his shield, allowing Eridan Swiftblade to use the partner blade to separate the elf's head from his neck.

Many of his memories are of his martial prowess, fighting and soldiering is in his blood, past experiences all hold memories of battle.

But that was before his long rest. He has no idea of how long he has slept or when he was last awake all he knows is he is back.

Today, Eridan seeks to employ his blades once more and has sought out the East Blackwood Embassy as a place to do just that.

Champion of the Guard

At the Summer Campaign of Realms Year 1019, the first Champion of the Guard Tournament was held. Eleven members of the Guard signed their names and clashed steel that day. After two hours of constant fighting, only four fighters remained, Byr of the Realms Embassy, Reginald of the Embassy Guard, Eridan of the Embassy Guard and, Commander Anthem of the Embassy Guard.  After consecutive fights, both Byr and Reginald were pushed out leaving Anthem to face his newest Guardsman, Eridan. 

Eridan defeated Anthem after adapting to Anthem's style claiming victory and the title of Champion of the Guard for a year.  He was given a sword to denote his station, soap from the tournament's sponsor, the M.T.C, and a champion's purse.  Eridan is expected to train with members of the Guard to improve their martial skill.  He is also expected to represent Blackwood as a champion would, with pride and dignity. 


The day after becoming the Champion of the Guard, Eridan was off to make a name for himself and to support the allies of Blackwood.  Eridan fought in the ancient Temple of Ignis where he defeated many of a foe and eventually became Lady Eline's champion.  Over the next two days, Eridan slowly became one of the five champions who would face the crab beast of the pestilence which had killed and poisoned so many for so many years.  The first champion to face the crab was the Margrave Balor the Red who fought hard and did not lose but fell after the fight due to wounds sustained during it.  Balor, however, did survive the encounter.  The next two champions were not as lucky and they paid for their heroism with their lives.  The fourth, Cordovon of the Blutpakt, was told not to fight by his high king, the high king of the Bracar Keltoi.  This caused tension between the Blutpakt and the Realm of Roses and left Eridan as Mythodea's last chance at finally destroying the beast... And he did just that.  

Eridan Swiftblade, Champion of the Guard took the charged hammer of Balor and struck the pestilence crab beast down with a rain of blows.  The beast was finally put to rest and Eridan was no longer Eridan Swiftblade.  He was Eridan Crabsbane.