Marik Fulgrimson

Marik Fulgrimson,

Guard of the Embassy Guard - Captain Rate,

Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

Marik comes from very, very far south. When he was young, he was sent on a journey with three other brothers from his village to stop the sudden death of the animal world. But over the years the brothers lost each other and each went his own way. Almost aimlessly, Marik wandered from place to place to replenish the lost supplies.

Without provisions and riches, he travelled from one battlefield to the next, so that he could use the experience he had gained and the money he had paid to travel the long way home to his village at some point.

He shows a keen interest in the natural healing arts and tries to understand them. But so far nobody has been able to help him with his problems from home.  He got to know Dagger some time ago and quickly made friends with him. Marik was very fond of his martial arts and experience, but he was also very fond of alcohol and the good mood. The two fought side by side for some time, but Marik had to follow a lead that matched one of his brothers. This was some suns ago now, when he suddenly received a letter from Dagger.

As of now, Marik is working on renovating the Black Pier in Zweiwasser.  He will be building a small harbor there and a tavern.  Once the work is complete, he will be named Harbor Master.