Realms Embassy 

The Realms Embassy can be found in Bicolline (Canda), the Realms (USA) and Mythodea (Europe).

Realms Embassy in Mythodea

At the start of the new year, common calendar 1018, Dagger of Blackwood was granted the title and position of Realms Ambassador by Ser Shean O’Quinnlin of Creathrone.  It will be the new ambassador’s goal to further construct an embassy within the lands of Mythodea.

Currently, the Realms Embassy is located out of the Western Seal City of Grian Quihenya.  Embassy functions of the Realms Embassy in Mythodea are also handled through the Deputations.  Currently, there are two Deputation locations:  One in the Barony of Zweiwasser located within the Realm of Roses (Reich der Rosen) and one in the City of Copperdale within the Protectorate of Lunorth within the Northern Seal.

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Realms Embassy in Bicolline

A few years ago, many diplomats sailed from their home to the lands of Bicolline where they established a guild and embassy.  Today the Realms Embassy has grown in size and influence within the Lands of Bicolline allowing for the elevation of some of its members to new heights and titles within the new land. 

Realms of Wonder Site (Run by the Realms Embassy)

Currently: The Realms Embassy has set up and living in the Provance of Kintzheim (with the Viking band known as Ragnarock) in the Empire with Emperor Karl. 

There is another Embassy office set up in the Province of Bostfort in the lands of Andore under Prince Myriam the lands and daily works are run by Chancellor Gunthar because the Prince is mostly away on state business.

The Empire

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Lands of Andore