Mythodea / Blood of the Validar 1


For the Elements we March (video)

Germany: A vision in the Flames. A new goal. A mission. A quest. A Holy Crusade. Together Zweiwasser, Gorasia, East Blackwood, their allies and mercinaries marched South to Kahl'hatra to bring war to the Forsaken in the Name of the Elements. The goal, cleanse the land of Kahl'hatra from the Forsaken Corruption.

At the Counsil of Crusade; hosted in Zweiwasser, the plan to cleanse the lands of Kahl'hatra were put into motion.  Soldiers and supplies will come down the rivers within the Free Cities and Realm of Roses while ships and scouting missions enter Kahl'hatra by sea and river.

At Blood of the Validar the main force will arrive to take hold of what the vangard and naval missions prepared for the host.  What awaits the Crusade of the Elements there?

Paintaing by @marco winter @wintergrafie

                                 Who else will answer the Call to War?

Blut des Validar 1"

7-9 Juli 2023

Außerhalb 9, 35327 Ulrichstein, Germany

Accomodation:  Tents, with a wooden floor and a mattress for each participant. You don´t need to bring your own tents!Food: our tavern will offer to pre-order a food package. Bring your own cutlery and plates, please.

Blood of the Validar 1 - NPC 25 €

Blood of the Validar 1 - Player Catering 18€

SC Ticket 45€

Tickets hier bei SKALD

More Information to the Con

The Con that follows Blut des Validar 1

Salty Stick:  Salt on Crusade

The story continues in part at this Con later in the year.  This Con will be hosted by the East Blackwood Orga.  For more information click the Con name above.