East Blackwood and Realms Embassy, Grian Quihenya

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy, Grian Quihenya

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy

At the "Schwur Feier des Westens," the newly titled Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood presented his king's documents the Archon and Nyame of the West.  With the aid of the Voice of the West, an agreement was made which would have granted Blackwood its Embassy in Mythodea.  However, due to an offense which happened later that night, the Embassy founding was put on hold until the Ambassador could make amends.  

During the second summer campaign to defend the World Forge, Ambassador Dagger approached the Voice of the West with the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle at his side and later the Archon of the West.  The Archon had not forgotten the initial conversation near a year prior and pushed the topic of the Embassy forward to his ministers.  The Voice of the West Jean-Louis presented the Lady Josephine who was one of the offended parties.  Dagger delivered his formal apology and it was accepted leaving only the primary offended party, Lady Emily of the East.

Before the signing of the Embassy Contract on the last day of the campaign, Ambassador Dagger entered the Eastern Camp and presented his formal apology to Lady Emily, Counsel of the East, before the Nachesre' of the East.  The apology was accepted and shortly after the Embassy Contract was signed by the West's Ambassador and the West's Trade Minister as well as Ambassador Dagger himself. 

The East Blackwood and Realms Embassy will be granted a plot of land within the capital city of the Western Seal which includes a large building which will house the embassy's staff and guard.

Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood

Ambassador Dagger signed the Embassy Contract establishing the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy in Mythodea during the Summer Campaign to the World Forge in Common Year 1018.  When renovated to suit the needs of the Embassy, Dagger will make the Embassy building his permanent residence in Mythodea. 

Kingdom of Blackwood Emissary to the West

Djako Kaevh of Alonis and the Kingdom of Blackwood and Varn of CrestGrath and the Kingdom of Blackwood both serve as the Western Seal's main points-of-contact for the Kingdom of Blackwood. While Ambassador Sir Dagger is the Kingdom's Ambassador for ALL of the lands Far-East, which includes the Western Seal, Djako and Varn will be in charge of the day-to-day relations with the Western Seal.