Mythodea / Call to War


A call for war.   Several years ago the lands of Kahl'Hatra fell and was taken over by the Forsaken Black Ice. To this day, much of Kahl'Hatra is occupied and corrupted by their presence. The Narech'Tuloch told us that the land must be healed and Ser Balor the Knight of Ashes saw this in his visions. It was these visions that brought Balor to call on friends, allies, lords and ladies and settlers of Mythodea to join him in Zweiwasser for a Crusade Council.  There, the visions would be explained, questions would be answered and; with a little luck and faith, support would be given.   Many answered the call.  A new front opens now against the Forsaken; a front that once again brings us back to Kahl'Hatra deep in Mythodea!

Paintings by Marco Winter @Wintergrafie

Zweiwasser hosted the Crusade Council in the City of Drachenbrück in a guildhall. The guildhall was big enough to fit dignitaries as well as the common folk of Zweiwasser. Of the dignitaries present, Archon of the South, Eurestes of Corinth, Lady Vanadis of Goldgrund, Ser Benedict of Hohenwacht, Rii Liandra zu Wolfenau were just a few of the prominent names. East Blackwood and Gorasia were also among those gathered but they were already firm allies of Zweiwasser. The city district where the council was boasted a Gorasian Tea House, an East Blackwood Company shop, a wine cellar, a gaming hall and more. There was no lack of potential activities for those visiting. Unfortunately, there was a more serious matter that had to be addressed first before such amenities could be enjoyed and before the Council would meet.

The Trial of Elizabeth Feder "Lisska"

A few years prior, a charismatic man by who went by the name Schwarzhand (Black Hand) rallied the population into a rebellion. His oration was supported by the difficult times that led up to the Great Cataclysm; the people hungered, crops failed, weather was harsh and mysterious deaths occurred throughout the whole of Mythodea. When finally the rebellion grew large enough to take the City of Drachenbrück, Zweiwasser's capital, Schwarzhand led one to three thousand souls against its walls. During that altercation to save the city, Ser Briceus von Thalgrund, the Castellan of the Altmark of Zweiwasser, poured burning pitch over the walls effectively dispersing the armed mob. What followed was an attempt on his life by a peasant woman, Elizabeth Feder, who had watched her brother and father burned to death during the Black Hand Rebellion's assault of Drachenbrück.  Elizabeth called Lisska was not successful.  She was apprehended and held for tial.

The trial was called the night before Council was to take place.  Ser Briceus von Thalgrund explained the proceedings and stated as Castellan he would have the last word and be the judge.  He called for someone to prosecute, someone to defend and four counselors to assist in making the verdict.  Rii Liandra zu Wolfenau, Waffenmeister Morgalis Sturmklinge, Ser Antonius and Deidre von Hain offered their services as counsel to the judge while Ser Maron von Brendenoh stepped forward as prosecution and Hofmarschall Heinrich von Buntfestse as defense.

Corporal Bødvar Tock of the Embassy Guard stepped forward to put forward the argument that the victim of the attack should not be the judge of the crime. The counselors and, after contemplation, Ser Briceus accepted the words of Bødvar. However, Bødvar was not the one to take Ser Briceus's place as judge.   Instead, they chose Ser Benedict of Hohenwacht. Ser Benedict, reluctant in appearance, stepped forward to do his due diligence. He took his position and spoke with the practice of someone who has presided over such proceedings before.

The trial commenced. A few witnesses were called to the floor. Key among them were the defendant and the victim. The focus of the trial was not to judge guilt but to determine a just punishment. It was the opinion of the court that Elizabeth Feder was already guilty of the crime and her defense did nothing to deny that fact. Before the trial had even begun, Elizabeth Feder had pled guilty to the crime.

After some wise words from Lady Vanadis of Goldgrund, the trial was put into recess for the remainder of the evening. The court would allow for final comments the next day and soon after the verdict of punishment was to be delivered. However, this was not to happen without some trouble from the local Aale gang.

The Aale Gang

The Aale broke Elizabeth Feder out of the dungeon and dragged her to the nearby wine cellar. There they held her under guard with weapons trained both on the door and on her. It appeared as if they had no interested in the woman's safety accept to line their own purses. The Aale demanded a large some of silver to let the woman go free. Sir Dagger of Blackwood counseled that if the money were given then the promise would be held. What happened after was up to Zweiwasser. Therefore, the coin was indeed given and Elizabeth was free. However, the Aale knew the city well and used a hidden tunnel to escape before the Drachengarde of Zweiwasser could apprehend them.

This altercation came to blows in the streets after the Drachengarde, Embassy Guard, Thoringaard and, Zackenberg soldiers hunted them down. A fight brewed and in the end, the gang members present were dead. Elizabeth Feder intercepted a bolt from one of the Aale which was intended for Ser Briceus von Thalgrund. She put herself in front of its path to protect the man she had tried to kill. Elizabeth "Lisska" Feder was taken once more into the custody of the Drachengarde where she was healed.

The Verdict

The trial concluded with impassioned words from the Archon of the South, Eurestes of Corinth and Lady Vanadis of Goldgrund. The Archon's words contributed to the selfless act of saving Ser Briceus's life earlier that day to perhaps aid in softening the results. Ser Benedict of Hohenwacht delivered the Councel's suggestion to the authority of Zweiwasser and the Altmark, Ser Briceus. The suggestions of justice included that Elizabeth would not be executed but instead would perform a prolonged service. To deliver the final verdict, Ser Briceus stepped forward stating that he had heard all that his council had presented and that, with his noble right as Castellan of the Altmark of Zweiwasser, would change the outcome slightly. Due to the selfless act of saving his life, Ser Briceus declared that the punishment of service was concluded and that Elizabeth would not be executed. The court and those present rejoiced at the outcome.

"There exists an unwritten contract between noble and people. The people provide and the noble protects." - Ser Dagger of Blackwood.

Call to Crusade

The first half of the trial had taken place the night before with the second half scheduled to start later in the day. At the 10th hour however, the first Council of the Crusade took place. Ser Balor called many to attend with letters written the night before. More than was expected turned out for the meeting. The hall was filled with dignitaries centered on a large table and a grand map of Mythodea. Balor welcomed all comers and spoke of his visions. Balor received a vision by the Elements calling him to Crusade and he hoped to rally others to do the same. "Kahl'hatra must be cleansed of the Forsaken" and that was what he intended to do.

His Excellency, the Archon of the South, Eruestes of Corinth announced that he was willing to send soldiers of the Southern Seal to Kahl'hatra and the Gorasians committed themselves to the crusade. Sir Dagger of Blackwood had to step away to deal with a private matter at this time but left Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau und Blackwood to speak for East Blackwood. Lady Anna pledged the support of East Blackwood and the Kingdom of Blackwood to the cause. The Lizardfolk of The Monsor and the men and women of Thoringaard, friends of East Blackwood, also lent their swords to the Crusade.

To add to the initial show of support, Lady Vanadis of Goldgrund and Ser Benedict of Hohewacht intend to contribute supplies and coin. Captain Salkya Fedora ya Camargo-Berlinghan lent the services of her ship, and the Reeve of Mondenhein, Sheewa Mondblut offered support as well. All in all the show of support was solid for the start but more must follow should the warriors of the Elements hope to succeed. During the second meeting after the conclusion of the trial more support would follow as well as a general plan to act from and to build upon.

Planning for War

Late in the day, the Second Council of the Crusade to Kahl'hatra took place. This time the preliminary plans for war were discussed. Many of those present spoke their true and honest concerns with such an undertaking while some spoke out against the idea as simply too much for Mythodea to handle. Such doubt was not expected among the faithful of the Elements but it was present in that room. Voices of reason, logic and for the Elements spoke up lending their strength to the cause. Ser Balor received four of five blessings from representatives of the Elements leaving only Aeris's representative, Waffenmeister Morgalis Sturmklinge to contemplate. Many declared their support of coin, supplies and soldiers to the cause that day. The Nurech'Tuloch suggested it was possible that they could assist with scouts and Count Khadan Berlinghan agreed to organize all of the scouting reports. Ser Antonius lent his sword while Calgar offered the services of his new mercenary band, the League of the Panther.

Some positions were assigned to the crusade army as well. Ser Antonius would take over military planning for the first attacks while; Ser Dagger of Blackwood would serve as the master of supplies. A general plan was also formed which included securing supply lines, the safest approaches for allied forces and the potential points of initial attacks and scouting missions. At the urging of Tovak of the Southern Seal, representatives would also be chosen to collect and disseminate knowledge and news of the war to the rest of Mythodea.


There leaves much to be done but the will of the Elements has been answered. The wheels of war are in motion. This new band of warriors, merchants, scouts, tradespersons, cooks and people now prepare to march on Kahl'hatra with the promise to rid it of the Forsaken corruption or to die trying.

"For the Elements!"

                                     Paintings by Marco Winter @Wintergrafie