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Germany:  East Blackwood will be supporting their allies next year in building something new.  The major work starts at Chroniken von Mythodea.  Ser Balor the Red sent a letter to Sir Dagger of Blackwood which was read at Blackwood Court in Copperdale before the gathered Sworn of Blackwood, Embassy Guard and Members of the East Blackwood Company.  The Letter asked if East Blackwood would support Balor in a holy mission and East Blackwood collectively agreed.

My good brother Kiran,

I am writing these lines with great concern! For a long time I tried to find something where our next steps should go, but for a long time I was at a loss. But it must be the ultimate goal of all of us to destroy this new evil before it gets any worse!I tell you, dear friend, when I was touched by one of the shadows at Sturmwacht, I felt indescribable horror, powerlessness and the darkest forebodings like never before! It was as if all my strength had been drained from me, I couldn't do anything against this… this… thing! But that was nothing compared to the dark dreams that have plagued me ever since! My special gift has always made me susceptible to visions and things like that, but this... this is...

I can hardly write about it. But I did as you told me, trying to make something useful out of this terrible fate, so I asked some fellow magicians to help me. Together we now had to distill a trace from my confused terrifying images for the first time!It leads directly into the Halephian forests! There I see the shadowy shapes meet again and again, condense, as if they were looking for something! I see bloody battles, rotten hands wielding weapons and I feel a voice as old and incomprehensible as the land itself! It's getting harder and harder these days to harness the power we used to have in abundance - but I sense that voice has something important to say! But it sounds... weak? I'm not a forest warden, though, so I'll have to ask another friend for advice.If you decide to follow this trail, be careful for heaven's sake! The black ice patrols this area, and it seems oddly altered. I don't know what that means, but certainly not a good thing! And what do the Skargen gain from this alliance?If we find out more, I'll report it immediately!

With concerned regards

Carilanda Farseer


East Blackwood has joined the Crusade to Kahl'hatra.  Last weekend, Zweiwasser hosted dignitaries, leaders, merchants, sailors and honored guests from all over Mythodea. There, before the gathered collective, a call for war rang out. A holy crusade. A quest. East Blackwood answered that call. Will you?

Here is the story of how it started.

Chroniken von Mythodea

Donnerstag 04.05.2023 bis Sonntag 07.05.2023

Bundeszentrum der Deutschen Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg (DPSG) in Westernohe


Karten-Kontingent Preis
  • Nr. 251-500 154,- €
  • Nr. 501 - 750 174,- €
  • Nr. 751+ 194,- €

Some of those Attending

´Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Hemenshire

Ambassador of Blackwood

Realoms Ambassador

Legate of the East

Leader of the East Blackwood Company

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau und Blackwood

Master Gideon Klaud and Master Djako Kaevh the Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

Corporal Bødvar Tock "The BeerHunter"

Commander Anthem DeVigil delos HORD of the Embassy Guard

Squire Logaan of Aven, Champion of the Embassy Guard


Tawar, Leader of the Thoringaard

Leon and Sir Antonius