Mythodea / A Convent of Champions


Every year at the town of Bad Holzbrück a gathering is held known as the Convent of the Elements. At the Convent, there is an arena where gladiatorial games are hosted as well as other festivities and the Pompfball Championships. Also during the Convent are a variety of merchant events and the meeting of the Ruler's Council to plan the summer campaign against the Forsaken.  This year the the Duchy of Validar presented their Magna Carta Validarum, the Ruler's Council set plans into motion to venture south past the Ice Wall later this summer and we have new Pompfball World Champions among other tasty events. 

Note from Guest Editor SLIM:

As I was busy whupping ass in the Pompfball Championship I failed to gather additional information including names and teams. My apologies if my article omits any information, it is entirely my own fault.

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann

Magna Carta Validarum

At the turn of the New Year, Sir Balor presented a draft of the Magna Carta Validarum to the founding barons for review. Within the document were points which the Barons and their respective people had made during the founding of the Duchy of Validar. Most importantly, the Magna Carta Validarum is a document that defines the foundation of the Duchy of Validar while paying homage to Elements and Seals. It recognizes the importance of the Archons, Nyames, Thul'Heen and Naches'Re, and the Elemental Tribes of Mythodea.

This founding document defines how the Duchy of Validar is to be ruled. A Duchess is chosen by the Council of Barons to lead Validar for a period of three years. She serves as Validar's representative in Mythodea and beyond while also seeing to the harmony between the baronies. It mandates the rulership of Baronies as defined by individual custom in accordance with the will of their people. The Barons and Baroness's rule their demesne.

The Morningstar, as defined by the Magna Carta Validarum, is considered the voice of the Elements within Validar and confirms the holders of office in the duchy. The community of priestesses and priests advise the Morningstar in his work.

During the first evening of the Convent of the Elements, the document was presented to the people of Validar and the Duchy of Validar's guests.  The document was then signed and sealed by each respective founding baron of Validar.

The Magna Carta Validarum was also presented to the guests. Upon reading the document Validar's allies were asked if they had anything to ask, comment or if they had any concerns with the document. They collectively had nothing to add and accepted the document as it was written.

Validar City of Benedictshafen has New Mayoral Districts!

The Duchy of Validar special Council Meeting during the Convent of the Elements N.d.E 22. Validar invited representatives from the Southern Seal, Western Seal, Münzquell and Märkischer Bund to attend. In attendance, the South sent a replacement for Archon Eurestes, representing the West was Archon Colin himself, the Märkischer Bund was represented by Sir Fenryl Dalmor Minister for Military Affairs and the Regent of the Münzquell Falk represented his people.

Sir Balor the Red, the Morningstar of Validar, began proceedings by thanking the honored guests for their presence and continued support.  During the gathering, Tilia Luna De la Rocca was affirmed City Councillor for the Free City of Benediktshafen on of the Duchess of Validar. Councillor Tilia is to look after the welfare of everyone who lives there.  She ensures that the laws of the duchy are observed and defends the faith of the Five Sacred Elements.  She ensures that the annual taxes of the local merchants, craftsmen, married couples and traders are paid in full to the Duchess.  From that day on, Tilia Luna De la Rocca is to settle disputes within the city so that peace and prosperity may prevail.

"I swear with my entire heart and with all my strength to represent the Free City of Benediktshafen in the name of the Duchess. And to work on an equal footing with the mayors and the settlers for the good of the city and thus of Validar." - Tilia Luna De la Rocca

The Free City of Benediktshafen is located on the southern shores of the Mother Stream River within the Duchy of Validar.  The city, mostly made up of simple huts and tents at present, was divided into mayoral districts.  Four districts were gifted to those allies present, the Southern Seal, the Western Seal, the Märkischer Bund and the Münzquell.  Each of these allies had claimed their alliance and direct support publicly and have provided it thus far.  These gifts were accepted by each representative of each realm.  The four allied lands agreed to sent a mayor to oversee their given district.   

Hanse Trade Embargos against the Märksicher Bund the Realm of Roses

Each year the Mitrasperanische Hanse gather their two houses, the See and Land Hanse, for a yearly Convention. The Convention or Hanse Tag takes place in the town of Bad Holzbrück during the Convent of the Elements. The Hanse brought many topics to this year's meeting for discussion and decision. One such topic resulted in the complete trade embargo of the Märkischer Bund while the other was an embargo of luxury goods to and from the Realm of Roses.

After the disappearance of the prior leader of the Hanse, Tares O'Grady Windschreiter, the remaining merchants gathered to rebuild and restore the Hanse to its former heights. This involved the consolidation of holdings including the port city of Tausendwasserhaffen located in today's Märkischer Bund. The Hanse had built and founded the port originally before the Märkischer Bund existed as the regional government of the area.

The Bund required that the city be taken over by their council, with the disappearance of Tares and the institution of new Märkischer Bund laws. The Mitrasperanische Hanse entered into negotiations with the Märkischer Bund starting some two years ago. At each consecutive meeting since, an acceptable solution for the problem was farther and farther away culminating in the complete breakdown of diplomatic discussions of trade rights. With no further recourse clear to the Hanse, a complete trade embargo was set into motion at the Convent of the Elements N.d.E 22 which will last for one year and one day. All Hanse members are expected to uphold and enforce the embargo.

Upon learning of the embargo, representatives from the Drei Waben Trading Company approached the Hanse to inquire as to what had happened. New to the Märkischer Bund, the Drei Waben had an invested interest in their ability to do business within Mythodea. The representatives set out to find a common ground solution between the Mitrasperanische Hanse and the Märkischer Bund. The Hanse called a special meeting during the last days of the Convent to discuss potential solutions moving forward. For now however, the Hanse will stick to enforcing their embargo with renewed hope for better relations and solutions next year.

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann

A little over one year ago in N.d.E 21, The Black Dynasty and Undead Flesh marched south and east into Realm of Roses territory. The progress of their armies were only slowed once the Archon of Thorns himself, Vincent of Sagara, stood at the head of a Roses army in defiance of the invaders. Before falling to the enemy, Archon of Thorns Vincent, Nyame of Roses Neom and her Naches'Re signed a contract with the Black Dynasty which stopped all aggression against the Realm of Roses of a year and a day. In the contract, the Black Dynasty agreed not to move further than the original borders of the Realm of Roses.

The contract between the Realm of Roses and the Black Ice contained more stipulations and was panned as treasonous and heretical by some within Mythodea, notably the Northern Seal. However, Archon Vincent would not live to see backlash for his decision. Instead the crown would pass on to his brother, Ramirez of Sagara one year later. Still, a pact had been made and the Mitrasperanische Hanse saw to it that a punishment was due. During a special meeting of the Hanse a partial embargo against the Realm of Roses was agreed upon. For one year and a day Hanse members are not permitted to trade luxury goods with the Realm of Roses, the Seal of the Center.

East Blackwood Company Party

Every year during the Convent of the Elements, the East Blackwood Company hosts an annual party. The style of party may change from year to year. This year, N.d.E 22, the party was invite only where East Blackwood and Validar were permitted to invite various guests to party with them and celebrate the struggles and successes of the East Blackwood Company.  The party was hosted in the Duchy of Validar camp at Bad Holzbrück, and was Officially Sponsored by SLIM's Place.  Various guests from throughout the Convent of the Elements were able to attend and were served food and drink during the event.  Guests treated with members of the East Blackwood Company and Validarians during the festivities. 

Validar Gambling and Games

Two years ago, East Blackwood hosted East Blackwood Gambling and Games.  This year, the entire Duchy of Validar played host to Gambling and Games to various levels of success.  The Vaettir hosted games while East Blackwood hosted dice and other gambling games.  Once again food and drink was offered by Marik "The Drunk" Fulgrimson.  Some lucky guests even recieved a private room for their gambling pleasure. This private room offered and even wider selection of drinks to chose from among other things.  Who knows what the future holds?  Perhaps the next Gambling and Games will be even more "amusing" than the prior two?

The Crown Prince of Blackwood and an Academy of Skills

The Crown Prince of Blackwood will soon be crowned the new King of Blackwood in the Realms.  The Barony of East Blackwood in Validar services this foreign crown.  Prince Saegan Hart, well informed on Mythodean diplomacy and customs, sent his dream and request of the Duchy of Validar.  A letter detailed how the Crown Prince knew of the vastness of knowledge outside of his own kingdom and the knowledge from within it.  He wished that that knowledge be preserved, shared and taught between the Kingdom of Blackwood and the Duchy of Validar.  The Prince's words and request were read before the gathered people of Validar by Sir Bødvar Tock during the Convent of the Elements n.d.E 22.  

In a few weeks time Crown Prince Saegan Hart will ascend the throne of Blackwood ending a dynasty which has led Blackwood for over 20 years through Arch Duke Diemos and later his brother King Kerrel.

Ducal Validarian Dance Academy

Tilia Luna De la Rocca approached Validar during one of the days of the Convent. There, she presented her dream and request for aid in building a dance academy within the Duchy of Validar. 

Painting by Stefan
Painting by Stefan
"I hereby announce the idea of establishing the first ducal Validarian dance school in Mitraspera. Which, under my direction, will occupy a special place on this continent. So that everyone can experience the exquisite artistic and cultural tastes of Validar."

Although expensive, the initial response from the people, and most of the nobles, of Validar was positive.  We at The Ambassador will continue to follow this story for future developments.

When Friends Fail

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann

For a few weeks many in Mythodea had known of the words Mitraspera herself is reported to have spoken.  She would call the Tribes of the Elements back into herself to make it possible to be healed.  The tribes, however, are made up of people who are loved and cherished by the vast majority of Mythodean settlers.  The settlers and tribes have cultivated friendships and familial bonds with one another.  They have learned from each other.  For most Mythodeans, imagining a world without the tribes is to painful to bear.  And indeed, many do not wish to bear it.  While some search for alternative ways where the tribes could survive somehow, others seek simply to ease the pain of their slow passing. 

Adolar, Chronicler of the Weapons Masters of the New Era, Weapons Master Herald of Enzo Armsmaster of Aeris Lecturer in Glyphology at the Academy of Iathar, was once such man who sought to take the pain of a tribes person into himself.  Adolar, the glyph mage, prepared himself to take part in a ritual during the Convent of the Elements in order to draw the pain of the dying Sephor'Asil into himself.  He asked Master Gideon Klaud of East Blackwood to be his anchor.  Master Gideon, however, would make one nearly fatal mistake.

When the ritual began, Adolar had been physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to take the pain of one Sephor'Asil into himself.  How this would happen was not at first clear to Master Gideon.  As the ritual commenced there were golden nails with writing on them.  They represented the Sephor'Asil.  When Master Gideon thought he had the correct cue from Adolar, Gideon took three of these nails and placed them into Adolar.  What Gideon did not know was that each nail represented a single Sephor'Asil and the names of them which had been written in a language Master Gideon had not known; Alt Mitrasperan.

Painting by Szenenfotografie
Painting by Szenenfotografie

The pain of three dying Sephor'Asil entered Adolar at the same time nearly killing him instantly.  He was saved by Naldar who had been in a meeting with the Nyame of the North at the time and had abruptly left that meeting to keep Adolar from dying.  The Naldar was able to stabilize Adolar but the damage was done.  Adolar lay in a coma, his mind likely scrambled.  Should the mages and priests of the Western Seal be able to draw him out of it in the future, it is reported to be likely that Adolar will never been the same again.

Liandra zu Wolfenau, Adolar's Rii, brought Master Gideon to the Duchy of Validar camp following ritual.  Liandra is said to have been stone faced, cold and direct while Master Gideon's Lord, Dagger of East Blackwood, fought to contain his own sadness for both of his friends who were effectively broken by the events of the day.  The High Table of Validar agreed to accept the judgement of the West as it was a Western Settler who was harmed.  Lord Dagger begged the Right Hand of the Duchess of Validar, Lady Molly, to take the matter into her hands directly as he was no longer emotionally able to be an effective defense of his Mage, Gideon.

Lady Molly returned later in the Convent to report the results of the Nyame of the West's decision.  Upon Gideon Klaud's instance, Gideon would return to the Western Seal with the West at the end of the Convent.  From there he would scrub latrines, clean up after the sick and do whatever was needed to assist the mages and priests in their work without he himself using magic to aid.  He was to be stripped of his Master Mage title and would not be permitted to take his exams again for a year and a day.  In the meantime, he would have to find a new master to teach him again.  Effectively, Gideon Klaud has become a student once again.

A New Malaka'Re!

Stordan von Zackenberg has become the new Malaka'Re, the master of the Terra Tunnels.  Shortly after becoming Malaka'Re, Stordan hosted a class on the proper and safe use of the Terra Tunnel system.  This class took place during the Convent of the Elements n.d.E 22.  Many of the guests of the Convent took part in the gift of this wisdom among them were people from the Duchy of Validar such as Tawyn of East Blackwood and Loken of the Vaettir.  Those who learned from the Malaka'Re, Stordan von Zackenberg, can now spread that knowledge to others.

The Breaking of Garvan's Ring

During the final day of the Convent of the Elements n.d.E 22, a massive ritual was hosted in the town of Bad Holzbrück to render Garvan's Ring harmless.  The ritual took place under the guidance of the Ignis followers such as Tandal of Zweiwasser and Validar and Lady Elene of the same.  The goal was to charge the aspect of Destruction within the ring fully with the hope of destroying it.  A powerful forge was used to accomplish this.  It was the same forge that had been used by various Terra and Aqua mages so those involved knew it could concentrate and withstand the power of destruction.  

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann

As the ring was still releasing necrotic energy, the mages of Terra and Aqua erected a barrier around the Ignis mages and the forge to prevent any energy from escaping. This barrier was nurtured with the aspect of control and balance so that the magic of the Aeris mages could pass through the barrier from the outside and support the Ignis mages without compromising the integrity of the barrier. Talwyn, now of East Blackwood and Validar, was part of the Terra mages who maintained the barrier's protection.

During the ritual, the ring shattered, the barrier exploded and the necrotic energy was released but absorbed by mages and settlers who were not involved in the ritual. The two parts of the broken ring have been sealed.  It is believed to be destroyed. Some claim otherwise... Only time will tell.

A Message to Mitraspera

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann

Following the breaking of the Garavan's Ring a second ritual took place.  This one took place in the center of town where those participating aimed to send Mitraspera herself enough power so that she could receive a message that she could understand.  To this end, five monoliths, each with an aspect, were charged by the settlers over several days to provide enough power for the land so that the message could be sent.  The tribes of the Elements were excluded from the ritual so as not to upset Mitraspera.  

The message itself was about how to give the land back its dying energy without the elemental races dying in the process.  The ritual was about channeling power back into the land and ensuring that the participating settlers did not pass out from exhaustion. In this capacity, Talwyn, newly of East Blackwood and Validar, took part in the ritual.  At the ritual's end it was concluded that the message was sent.  We at The Ambassador will keep and ear open to learn if the message was received and; if or when an answer is present, we will be sure to inform our dear readers.

Painting by Stefan
Painting by Stefan

From the Ruler's Council, Diplomacy

Every year the Ruler's Council of Mythodea gathers at the Convent of the Elements in Bad Holzbrück.  There they discuss the upcoming summer season where war is best waged against the forsaken among other Mythodea relevant topics.  During this year's council meeting, the Rulers discussed plans to send a diplomatic mission to Sarkan, the land beyond the Ice Wall to the south.

The Council decided on three diplomats to represent Mythodea on this mission:

1. Penumbra Pen
2. Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau and Blackwood
3. Lady Lovis Arkenstone of East Blackwood

The three chosen will cooperate on all steps save for the person representing the Seals.  One will represent the Seals, one will represent the Elemental Tribes and one will represent the Free Cities.

Final decision on this mission will however be made this summer by field council.  They can deny it all and.. they very well might put a veto against magic users going there as first contact. 

Champion of the Guard Tournament

The Embassy Guard is a private military company in service to Baron Dagger Arkenstone of East Blackwood.  The Guard does its best to host a private tournament each year to name the next Champion of the Guard.  Champions of the Guard get paid a captain's rate and are responsible for representing the honor of the Guard and training martial skills with their fellow soldiers. The Champion of the Guard also holds the Sword of the Embassy Guard which denotes them as Champion.

The prior champions of the guard have been first Eridan "Crabsbane" Swiftblade, Ceallach of the O'Annid, Lordas Palatinus and, Logaan of Nova Bretonia.  The tournament took place during the Convent of the Elements n.d.E 22.  Of the Embassy Guard soldier's present, 4 distinguished themselves, Marik Fulgrimson, Mayor SLIM of CrestGrath, Logaan the reigning Champion and, surprisingly the young Broyan.  Both SLIM and Marik were defeated in the semi-final of the tournament with SLIM edging out a victory over Marik earning himself a 3rd place finish for the 4th Champion of the Guard Tournament.  This left the reigning champion Logaan against the up-and-comer Broyan.  In a pitched event, the two exhausted warriors battled it out until Broyan squeezed out a victory from the jaws of defeat.

4th Champion of the Guard Tournament Results:

Painting by Marc Wehrmann
Painting by Marc Wehrmann
  1. Broyan
  2. Logaan
  3. SLIM

We at The Ambassador congratulate Broyan, Champion of the Guard!

The Great Mitrasperanian Archery Tourney!


On the last day of the Convent at the 11th hour Commander Anthem and I walked down to the hollow for the archery tournament.  The Commander was armed with his favorite bow and arrows while I had a crossbow loaned to me by Marik the Drunk Fulgrimson and a few bolts.  After standing in the hot sun for what felt like an hour slowly melting from the heat, the tournament began. We were treated to a wide variety of weapons and shooting disciplines, both effective and ineffective.  One competitor that stood out to me was a large man wearing a kilt who shot with patience and a steady hand.  Another was one who had attached numerous ropes to his crossbow in an attempt to decorate it, but they interfered with the basic operation of the weapon and he came away with nothing to show for it.

As Commander Anthem took his turn to shoot he laid his arrows with precision, but the targets were small and difficult to hit.  He scored a couple of hits but came away with several narrow misses as well.  If someone as skilled as him could suffer such a performance I wondered how I would fare as I took my place on the firing line.

My first shot went low, as I purposely shot low to check the trajectory of my weapon.  The second shot went high after adjusting my point of aim.  The Tournament host stepped up to my shoulder at that point and spoke some sage advice. 

"Just pretend you're shooting at Sir Dagger!"

At that, I fired four more times and scored four hits.

That placed me in a tie for third place, and in the shootout afterwards I managed to wing a target on my second shot to come away with the place on the podium and a prize.  Some sort of trading card with a nice lady on it.  All in all, I think I came off rather well.

Not bad for a hung over, slightly drunk, fat old man, eh?

Tawar Roknar of the Thoringaard this Year's Summer King!

Every year during the Convent of the Elements at Bad Holzbrück the Beltane festivities and traditions take place.  These events are predominantly hosted by the Western Seal.  At each Beltane festival a Great Hunt is hosted by the Western Seal where several hunters hunt the Stag from the prior year.  This year, however, the previous year's Stag was not present at the Convent of the Elements and an alternative hunt was devised to take its place.

This year n.d.E 22, seven hunters participated in the Great Hunt.  Their goal was to find and capture two pennants, one from the Priestess of Wisdom and the other from the Priestess of Crafting and bring them back to the set finish location.  The two pennants were found, one in the Northern Seal camp and one in the Herzsucher Camp.

Tawar Roknar of the Thoringaard confronted one of the other hunters at the Herzsucher camp and captured his pennant.  The Herzsucher mistook Tawar for a thief and drew their weapons on him and began to pursue him.  One of the priestresses intervened on Tawar's behalf declaring that the "theft" was part of the Great Hunt.  With Tawar free from the bonds of the Herzsucher, he ran toward the finish.

As Tawar neared the end location of the Hunt, he came into contact with yet another hunter.  This hunter had the other pennant. The two faced each other for a moment then  both sprinted toward the finish.  Just before reaching it, the two fought each other in an intense duel of which Tawar claimed victory.  Tawar Roknar claimed victory in the hunt by dragging the other defeated hunter, who had tied the pennant to his belt, with him to the end line of the hunt.  Soon after

With the hunt complete, and Tawar the victor, Roknar was crowned King of Summer for Beltane.  We at The Ambassador congratulate his highness, King Tawar of Summer. 


An Easy Place to Speak

Rumor has it that there was a place at the Convent of the Elements where a key was required to enter.  We heard tell of stores of drink within a private room for various assortments of fun.  Is this rumor true? Will this place of easy speaking return if it is?  And if so where and when?

Assassination attempt on a Nyame Thwarted

Rumor has it that during the Convent of the Elements a Nyame was nearly assassinated?!  This rumor cannot possibly be true but the whispers spoke of it being called off just before being executed.  Who was responsible for this rumor, or dreadfully worse, attempt?  Rumor has it the Kutchergilde could have been responsible but we here at The Ambassador will not spread such horrid rumor as to defame the honorable image of the Kutcher, least of all Sir William himself.

Sir Maron

Rumor has it that Sir Maron went to attack the goal but Thors Tacos got in the way. Time and again this prevented Sir Maron from scoring goals. It is rumored that Thors Tacos was paid off by the North to sabotage the game. Yet more reasons to have them disqualified...

Pompfball World Champions


This year's pompfball championship appeared yet again to be another walkover by the Northern Seal Viribus United. With their large cheering section and a small army of hooligans they dominated the competition both on and off the field. However, when the pompfball organizers got fed up with the violence exhibited by the North, they made the decision to disqualify them from the event.

This led to a toss up between several strong teams, the Western All Stars, the BSGAdlerkaue, Sackschnap Bären, Rosensturm, Richtig, Grün Gold Terra 04, Dornensturm Ad Astra, Galgenstrick, and FdV. The competition was fierce and with a minimum of violence. However, the team that took everyone by surprise was a scratch built team not put together until the last possible minute from the new Duchy of Validar "The Wildfire".

With players drawn from the Baronies, and key assistance provided by some free agents recruited from the Freien, the Validar Wildfire caught on quickly and began burning their way through the competition. Winning two games and tying one they went into the second day of competition undefeated, and would remain so for the duration of the championship.

Led on offense by Sir Maron the Indefatigable, and with their goal guarded by 'The Mountain' SLIM of CrestGrath, they formed an unbeatable combination of impenetrable defense and energetic offense that no other team could keep up with.

Solid strategy, great leadership, and the timely assistance of a few mysterious corner guardians allowed the Wildfire team to focus on playing off their opponents, and they walked away from this year's Pompfball Championship with the grand prize.

The Players of Validar Wildfire

  • Sir Maron (1 Goal)
  • SLIM
  • Keeden
  • Broyan
  • Annabel
  • Lady Elene
  • Tavar
  • Garviel
  • Levi (1 Goal)
  • Rogal (4 Goals)
"Ihr gewinnt ist uns doch scheißegal, der Norden hat verlor'n, der Norden hat verlor'n!"

"We don't care if you won, the North lost, the North lost!"

- BSGAdlerklaue

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