Passing of Ceallach of the O'Annid


Ceallach of the O'Annid,

First Spear of Dal Riada,

Aire éachta céatcathach from the bloodline of the Macha Mong Ruad,
Sperrach Carden,

Slayer of the Wheat-People,

Champion of the Embassy Guard

OT Note: The player, Mike passed way 21 January 2023. He was a paramedic, war veteran and a loving family man.

Cae passed away of unknown causes recently. He was his people's equivalent of a war master or knight and served them with honor and distinction in life. He was a traveler who journeyed the known realms and beyond. He fought in countless wars and made as many friends and more. He was always quick with a story or a joke and never lacked for fine-cooked foods or a drink. He welcomed all to his table and offered them what he could including his protection.

He was always ready to bleed or die for a friend, brother or sister if need be. His experience surpassed his age as he even became the Champion of a feudal nation's foreign soldiers the Embassy Guard. Cae will be remembered for his acts of heroism and friendship. For his kind deeds and his glorious actions. Cae is survived by his clan and all the friends he made along the way.

Hail the traveler.


Hallo ihr Lieben,

wir haben für Euch alle, die vielleicht etwas dazu beitragen möchten, ein Spendenkonto für die Hinterblieben von Mike (Gae Bolga/Ceallach/Cea/Cai) eingerichtet. Ihr könnt somit hier direkt Eure Spende leisten:PayPal.Me/RIPGaeBolgaOder ich schickt diese als Freunde via Paypal an die Mailadresse: Dieses Spendenkonto wird zur Zeit von der Kassenwartin Bettina Wehrheim vom Verein Grünen Welten RSKV e.V. im Auftrag von Mikes Freundin Laura verwaltet (daher steht auch der Name Bettina Wehrheim bei dem Spendenkonto) und sobald die Familie die Zeit gefunden hat, wird es auf diese übertragen. Die Spenden verbleiben solange auf dem Paypalkonto, bis die Familie von Mike sie abruft.Wir bitten Euch, wer kann und möchte hier der Familie und den Angehörigen bei zu stehen und einen wundervollen Menschen würdevoll zu Ehren. Der überraschende Verlust hat uns alle schwer getroffen, daher helft bitte wo es geht - Danke Euch allen!In Gedenken und tiefer Trauer um einen guten Freund!

For the english speaking people:

Hello, my dears,

We have set up a donation account for the bereaved of Mike (Gae Bolga/Ceallach/Cea/Cai) for all of you who might want to contribute.You can make your donation directly here:PayPal.Me/RIPGaeBolgaOr I send them as friends via Paypal to the email address: This donation account is currently managed by the treasurer Bettina Wehrheim from the Grünen Welten RSKV e.V. association on behalf of Mike's friend Laura (that's why the name Bettina Wehrheim is also on the donation account) and as soon as the family has found the time, it will be transferred to them. The donations remain on the Paypal account until Mike's family calls them.We ask you, who can and would like to stand by the family and relatives and honor a wonderful person with dignity. The surprising loss hit us all hard, so please help where you can - thank you all!In memory and deep sadness for a good friend!