The Realms / Feast of Leviathan by Sayeh


A New Champion for Blackwood - Feast of Leviathan

Since Sir Seagan was crowned Prince of Blackwood and heir to the throne of Blackwood, his Royal Highness decided it was time to pas the torch and title of "Champion of Blackwood."  The kingdom's best warriors that came to Leviathan took up their swords and challenged one another to see who was best among those present.  The victory was well won by Sir Tao, Duke of Clontarf.

Other news regarding the Embassy was that his Majesty, Sir Kerrell gave his blessing for the Blackwood Embassy to support Balor the Red, Margrave of Zweiwasser, in his campaign to become Archon of Thrones, on the conditions that this is in thanks for the opportunities the Margrave has given to the Embassy and for his support in return.  The Blackwood Embassy will continue to be open to diplomatic relations with whomever campaigns for the title and keep relations with the Reich der Rosen.

The Knights of Blackwood have also announced a new heraldry for the knighthood.  The symbol of an armored hand, one show a fist for times of battle, and an open hand in times of diplomacy.

A heartfelt congratulations is in order also for Sir Iawen of Eagles Rook who was invited to join the Knights of the Realms, and she accepted. This was met with a loud and thuderous applause from those present at the feast, and joyous cheers from Iawen's oldest daughter.  Her daughter also delivered Iawen's final unanswered blow.