Realms / Feast Of Verai 2: Festival of Cerwyden


USA:  Verai many years ago was very present within the Realms.  Their ruins dot the present day map displaying the extent their nation had reached before the Verai Royal Family withdrew from New Verai years ago leaving only the Knights of the Steward behind.  Now, for the past few years, a new Steward of Verai has been present within the Realms, rebuilding New Verai.  Nertail Talis Cameron d’Ma’at, the Steward of Verai, Steward of Doomghaurd and Cousin to King Taithan and Princess Cora of Verai has invited the people of the Realms to a Festival of Cerwyden.  Sir Shean, Lord of Creathorne and Guildmaster of the Realms Embassy will be in attendance. 

Unto the people of the Realms,

His excellency Nertail Talis Cameron d'Ma'at, Verai Ambassedor to the Realms, Steward of New Verai, Steward of Doomghaurd, Cousin to their Majesty's King Taithan and Princess Cora, would like to cordially invite you once again to join the people of New Verai in celebration of Cerwyden.

With the rift activity gone, and slavery outlawed, a new balance has come to the lands of New Verai. His Excellency and the people wish to share their new bounty with you, their new allies and friends.

Those of all backgrounds and station are invited to share in the joys of the day, where balance is restored.

In Service to Verai,

-Verion T'Sin

Chief Secretary

** We are happy to announce the re-opening of the New Verai Gaming Den! Come play the renowned Camel Race, and participate in the Cribbage Tournament!

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Feast Of Verai 2: Festival of Cerwyden

Site is First Baptist Church-ABC - Nashua, NH - Nashua, NH.
Site opens at 11am and closes at 9pm

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday March 09, 2019.
Event ends at 08:00 PM, on Saturday March 09, 2019.

Cost is $30.
Cost via Paypal is $30.00 per person.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required.