Mythodea / The Southern Seal


As the crowds gathered to witness the words of the Elements, Lordas Palatinus, Champion of the Guard, proclaimed, “Who cares about the South?” Lordas is a champion for his ability with a blade and bravery in battle and less so for his choice of words. Either way, the incident sparked an amusing exchange between two of the Archon candidates and East Blackwood; one of those candidates became Archon of the South shortly after.

 In the following day, East Blackwood met with citizens of the South and eventually the Archon of the South himself. There, they apologized that Lordas was too ill to apologize at that moment and to bring a gift but that he wishes he could be there. After the initial exchanged, the East Blackwood Embassy was introduced to the Archon and his Court along with the East Blackwood Company. After at least a half-hour of conversation East Blackwood departed to prepare for an upcoming battle. East Blackwood will now camp with the Southern Seal at Convent of the Elements to further the relationship that was started.