Mythodea / Iron Daggers


Sir Raven

Lady Anna spoke with Sir Raven during an impromptu gathering in Lunorth.  He agreed to teach combat skills. Also during the conversations with Lady Anna, Raven gave Anna a tarot reading and gifted her a card.  He talked about his "story of making" and spoke of other personal matters. 

It also appears as though there is opposition to the leadership of Sir Raven.

Sir Mads "Rooster" Petterson

Relations with Mads "Rooster" continued as Dagger and he spoke at length during the gathering.  Mads also presented his knightly documents for the gathering explaining that he was recently knighted.


Business continued with Roland concerning ores and smithing.  A letter was written on behalf of that relationship and other business was discussed with a seller of ores.


Demetri expressed opinions and beliefs that were in-line with the morals of Bødvar "BeerHunter" to which Dagger sympathized.  Demetri seemed to enjoy the company of East Blackwood during the gathering.


Sierra admitted that Diob tried to screw the East Blackwood Company out of a large amount of coin.  She confessed it with pride as she was part of making that happen. 


Diob seemed to refrain from any controversial actions during the impromptu gathering.  He did, however, gamble a lot.  During a heated game of Shield, the last two participants were Sir Dagger and Diob the Two Tailed Fox.  The bets continued to rise as the crowd cheered for Dagger to "play the game" as opposed to making a deal, and cutting the winnings down the middle.  In the end, Dagger won big taking the large pot back to the East Blackwood Company to the chagrin of Diob.