Mythodea / Fae Courts


Jinx Kilfrin Funkentanz of the Fae and Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle

After being introduced by Ceallach of the O'Annid to the Fae Jinx Kilfrin Funkentanz, Sir Dagger and Jinx made a contract with one another.  This contract was not openly discussed among others but it was noticed and reported back to the Kingdom of Blackwood among other things that were happening at the time. 

As was custom, Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Legate of the West, traveled on the Jasmine from Blackwood to Mythodea where she made port and traveled to where the Embassy last reported Dagger to be.  When she arrived in the East Blackwood Company Guild District in Copperdale, Jinx was also there as Sir Dagger's guest.  Fuled by dark reports, Lady Sayeh wanted to get to the bottom of the situation concerning the incident with Cae and Sir Dagger's dealings with a fae.  Sir Dagger was asked leave the great hall of Castel Del Sol, Commander Anthem's home, while Lady Sayeh spoke with Jinx.

Jinx spoke with an inquisitive Sayeh while Sayeh was surrounded by Embassy Guards, chief among them being Marik Fulgrimson.  She questioned the nature of the contract.  Exact details were not recieved but the answeres seemed to calm the inquisition and the festivities proceeded as planned after if not for a small altercation between Coporal Bødvar and Jinx over a stolen knife.  The issue was resolved.  During both situations, Sir Dagger remained neutral.