Mythodea / Of House and Home 2

Germany:  Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Legate of the West and Representative of Blackwood, returns to Mythodea.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Commander Anthem of the Embassy Guard have invited her to to Castel del Sol, Anthem's manor, for to an evening of drink, talking, gambling and song.

Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle helped to create the East Blackwood Embassy and her family helped to build the East Blackwood Company with Sir Dagger of Blackwood.  Since she has been the primary linchpin between the Kingdom of Blackwood, The Realms Embassy at Bicolline and East Blackwood.  She now makes her way back to Mythodea to visit with her countrymen and women and those of East Blackwood.  We hope to join her and play host to her visit.

OT Night

Starting on Friday, Miri, Gary, Leo and Sam will meet up with Alyssa near Miri's and together they will travel to Speyer for Beer and a small bite to eat.  After that we will drive to Wahlhaben for the Tavern and dinner at 19:30.  After that the small group will drive to Jose's in Saalstadt by Keiserslautern to meet up with the others. At Jose's it will be simple chilling and catching up.

IT Night

The next night on Saturday we will host a small IT evening in "The Great Hall" at (Jose's place) which will represent a Castel del Sol, the Divigil Manor in Copperdale.  No plot is planned for this evening as of yet, just a gathering with perhaps grilled food.  Drinks, snacks, gambling, song and good conversation is to be expected.  Also, for those interested, there will be sparring available outside.  A formal protocol is listed bellow for the evening.


Of House and Home 2 will be hosted in the East Blackwood Company Guild District, of Copperdale, Lunorth in the Northern Seal, Mythodea. Specifically, the gathering will be hosted by Commander Anthem in his home.


Arrival and Welcome

As the guests arrive, Commander Anthem DeVigil, Delos HORD will welcome each person. Once all are present and settled Anthem will give a formal welcome speech to those present. Following that, Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle and Sir Dagger of Blackwood may make some remarks to the hall.

Time for Discussion and Private Meetings

After the guests arrive and everyone is welcomed, there will be time for discussions and private meetings. Lady Sayeh and Sir Dagger should meet privately prior to Blackwood Court.

Combat Training and Sparring

Throughout the gathering, there will be time for training and sparring in the courtyard of the DiVigil manor. It is encouraged that this time is used for that.

Pay Day

The Embassy Guards and Contracted E.B.Co members were recieve their payment.

Feast and Drinks

Food and drinks will be presented at a table near the main table to be consumed throughout the gathering. As the light dims outside guests will be encouraged to take their seats, eat and dri

Blackwood Court

As all are seated within the hall, Blackwood Court will begin officially. First, matters of the Kingdom of Blackwood will be announced followed by matters concerning East Blackwood directly. Following that anyone will have the opportunity to speak to Sir Dagger of Blackwood and or Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle about anything they require.

Gambling, Drinking, Eating and Mingling

Following all official proceedings, the night is open to eating, drinking, gambling and other things.  Enjoy!


  • Commander Don Anthem DeVigil, Delos HORD, Commander of the Embassy Guard, Master Tradesman and Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

Guest List

  • Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Ambassador of Blackwood and Realms Embassy Ambassador, Legate of the East, Leader of the East Blackwood Company, Mayor of CrestGrath
  • Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, Representative of Blackwood, Legate of the West, Merchant of the East Blackwood Company, Member of the Seehandelsgilde
  • Djako Kaevh, Representative of Blackwood, Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company, Master Scribe of the East Blackwood Company
  • Captain Varn of CrestGrath, Represtentative of Blackwood, Captain of the Embassy Guard, Member of the East Blackwood Company
  • Bødvar Beerhunter, Lt. Representative 1st Class of Blackwood, Merchant of the East Blackwood Company, Guard of the Embassy Guard
  • Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau, Deputy Emessary of Blackwood

  • Marik Fulgrimson, Guard of the Embassy Guard (Captain Rate), Merchant of the East Blackwood Company

  • Annabel, Corporal of the Embassy Guard
  • Medina "Layla" Delany, Guard of the Embassy Guard, Member of the East Blackwood Company

  • Jinx Kilfrin Funkentanz of the Fae (External Guest)

Of House and Home 2

Date: October 8 - 20 2021

Time:  23:00 Friday October 8 2021

If Earlier arrivals are expected, meet at the Medieval Tavern in Wallhalben.

Location:  Jose's in Saalstadt. Address to come via direct message.


Bettina Abt

Hettenhauser Straße 4

66917 Wallhalben

Details:  Only those who are fully vaccinated can come to this private gathering and it is by invite only. 

The guest list is checked with Jose (the renter of the location). 

Sleeping space will be provided but beds are limited.  It may be best to bring your own coats and sleeping bags just in case.