The Western Seal: Continued Relations


The Blackwood and Realms Embassy served in the Western Army during this year's campaign to the Hohld. As such we remained in close connection with the Archon and Nyame of the West often performing important missions alongside them.

Some missions include:

  • The Tomb of Lyria
  • The Sphere Quest over the Barrier to the grave of Ra'kascha
  • The Battle to Slay Ra'kascha the Bone Princess of the Undead Flesh

Other friendships were made among the Army of the West were Dagger partially presented two new marching songs for the army. Another important development was the friendship of the Wolfsbanner. With hopes of the Wolfsbanner eventually becoming mercenaries to the embassy, a friendly archery competition was held between Don Anthem of the Embassy and the Wolfsbanner's best archer. Anthem was successful in defeating his opponent in the friendly match of skill.