The Splinter Lands / Grand Duchy of Drachengard


Recently the Embassy Guard of East Blackwood fought alongside the Grand Duchy of Drachengard at the Battle of the Annawald.  The battle was victorious for the Duchy.  This letter accompanied the Grand Duchy's payment for services rendered.

"Naphtael Ithildin, Noble of Hellersbrunn, Legate of Germersmark, appointed by the grace and wisdom of his Princely Highness, Charles of Lauffen, Grand Duke of Drachengard, confirmed with this letter in the sign of victory:

The East Blackwood's Embassy Guard, led by Sir Dagger of Blackwood
have fulfilled their pay contract with the Grand Duchy of Dragongard in full.  In the victorious Battle of the Annawald, in 334 after the foundation of the empire, they fought bravely and honorably alongside ducal troops against the great kingdom of Kan Kuzgun and allies.
This is testified to by the whole world