The Southern Seal: Summer 16 n.d.E.


During the Convent of the Elements, 16 Jahre n.d.E, the Embassy made brief contact with the Golden Realm of the Southern Seal.  There the Embassy introduced itself and presented the documents granting the title of Ambassador to Dagger of Blackwood for the Kingdom of Blackwood and the Realms.  Since there the Embassy has been concerning themselves on how they would attempt to build a Deputation in the South as Dagger himself knows little of it.

After nearly a year of Embassy and E.B.Co. operations, rumors of the Archenar reached Dagger of Blackwood and Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle.  Dagger has written a letter to Roman von Stauffenberg, Oden der Archenar of the third province of the Southern Seal as a request to meet with him and discuss the possibilities.