The Realms / Tournaments of Creathorne 25


USA:  The Head Ambassador of the Realms Embassy along with many of those who work for the embassy as representatives, diplomats, and members will be attending the annual Tournaments of Creathorne.  The Head Ambassador is hosting this event as he does each year but may make appearances as Ser Shean.

The Realms

From the Kingdom of Blackwood; With winter slowly losing its grip (even though it continues to put up a fight), The Kingdom of Blackwood starts to make preparations for the annual Tournaments of Creathrone. His Majesty, King Sir Kerrell amongst others in his close council, will choose the next Lord or Lady of Alonis, a providence within the kingdom itself. The tournaments will also be a show of support for the next leader of Alonis as well as some of the team competitions will aid to show each hopefuls strength in battle. 

Also, Lord Sir Shean of Creathorne who hosts these tournaments, and is the Head Ambassador of the Realms Embassy, has received word that some members from the kingdoms in Bicolline will also be in attendance as well. This will bring a new group of competitors to the field, as well as a new culture into the Realms. There is interest in meeting these foreigners and interacting with them. 

Baroness Sayeh has been working on her side in the Kingdom to build a port for the Dark Isle and hopes to soon have a name for it. The dry docks near the growing port also are nearing completion. Progress is slow, there have been attacks from sea goblins and other creatures, but she hopes to have these complete along with a lighthouse to guide ships into the cove. 

By. Alyssa Weisblatt