The Realms / Tournaments of Creathorne 26 from the View from Valehaven


The Tournaments of Creathorne have been held in Creathorne for over two and a half decades. This year marked the twenty-sixth year of the festival.  The festival is hosted for over four days with added days for those who travel from afar to attend the festivities.   Each year, ToC offers a large list of tournaments including bard's events, singles combat events, group combat events, a feast, gambling tables, the War or Nation's Tournament and more. 

Tournaments of Creathorne by Sir Shean O'Quinnlin

People of title and those without from all over The Realms started to arrive in the Lands of Creathorne on Wednesday for the Annual tournaments. People of all walks of life, those warriors and spellcasters for sure but also gamblers, bards, entertainers, gamesmen and more were present.  Friday, the Majority of people arrived and the evening was full of activities.  There were lots of storytelling, drinking and socializing around the campfires. Many conversing until Blue O’ Clock in the morning where the skies were a brightening but day would not come for another hour or so. 

Saturday morning many more arrived and tournaments began around lunchtime. Many of the un-armored fights and magic competitions took place them and some of the target competitions like archery, knife, and ax throwers were showing their skills as well. At dinner time, the bards entertained with their songs, stories, poems, and dances. The night was filled with dances around the fires and similar less inebriated states as Friday evening. 

Sunday, the first tournament is the war tournament every year. This is where many nations show their best in a no-holds-barred fight no matter their size with everything they have from fighters, spellcasters, monsters, and weaponry; some being magical in nature. There was a nice showing of sportsmanship in many of the fights and many nations got in more fights than the usual. There was as many as one sworn sword on the field to nations with over sixty showing their skills in the battles. Then, after the conclusion of the War Tournament, all of the armored unlimited fights finished the day. Awards and recognitions were presented just before dinner and people departed sometime Monday and or Tuesday. It seemed like a good time was had by all.

- Sir Shean O’Quinnlin

As Tournaments of Creathorne is one of the largest Realms gatherings every year; as such many nations use it for official meetings, personal festivities and to hold court. Bellow, Sayeh of Sapphire Isle recounts what happened at Blackwood Court.  Also below are the tournament results for this year’s Tournaments of Creathorne. 

Blackwood Court by Sayeh of Sapphire Isle

Every year during the Tournaments of Creathorne, the Kingdom of Blackwood holds court where the nation’s affairs are discussed, titles and awards are granted and important announcements are made.  This year was indeed a grand affair as the news and changes it brought with it were substantial. 

Lord Torolf was knighted to the Knights of Blackwood. After having been elevated to the title of Lord of Alonis, Torolf was yet to hold the respective knightly title that typically goes with the holding of lands within the Kingdom of Blackwood’s feudal structure.  This changed when a well-deserving Torolf received his knightly belt and blow and can now be known as Sir Torolf, Lord of Alonis. 

It has been some time since Blackwood had a High Mage.  This was rectified after a grueling series of tests where Belle, Toah, Vesper, Kara, and Novo faced off against one another. In the end, it was Vesper who proved the most worthy of the title and position.  

His Majesty, King Sir Kerrell of Blackwood proposed to his mistress of many years, the First Knight of Blackwood, Lady Jinx of Ufern.  The wedding is set to take place during the Feast of Blackwood later this year. 

Paintings by Dustin Mack

Tournaments by Naralia "View from Valehaven"

5 Man

  1. Legio XV
  2. Blackwood
  3. Winvictus
  4. Circle of Fists

3 Man

  1. Legio XV
  2. Blackwood
  3. Creathorne
  4. Because Shader said so


  1. Pilpus & Kara
  2. Bart
  3. Rando Voraniss
  4. Evie


  1. Oswald
  2. Tao
  3. Aravas
  4. Aiden


  1. Aiden
  2. Jack of Redwall
  3. Tao


  1. Shandar & William
  2. Shadritch
  3. Crogar
  4. Evie & Tulkhan

Pick Pocket

  1. Meeble
  2. Quatra


  1. Zatarra
  2. Tazzia

One Woman (Unlimited)

  1. Lupa
  2. Shader
  3. Elizah
  4. Rani

3 Path

  1. Vesper
  2. Skarda
  3. Elizah

2 Path

  1. Lako
  2. Redd
  3. Avandar
  4. Bart

Live Axe

  1. Shandar
  2. Enlon
  3. Tor
  4. Eamon


  1. Tao
  2. Jack of Redwall
  3. Shandar
  4. Gorham

Single Short

  1. Shandar
  2. Nos
  3. Vuel
  4. Shader

Double Dinky Weapons of Doom

  1. Sagart
  2. Jack of Redwall
  3. Nazier
  4. Tor

One Woman (Limited)

  1. Shader
  2. Elizah

True Florentine

  1. Vuel
  2. Tao
  3. Drike
  4. Enlon


  1. Shandar
  2. Drike
  3. Daekara
  4. Vuel

Great Weapon

  1. Shandar
  2. Tor
  3. Gordon
  4. Jack of Redwall

Mixed Florentine

  1. Shandar
  2. Saegan
  3. Jack of Redwall
  4. Daekara

Sword & Shield

  1. Shandar
  2. Runaris
  3. Daekara
  4. Skarda

Corsican Mug

  1. Ekdritch
  2. Mogar
  3. Tulkhan
  4. Shader

One Man

  1. Shandar
  2. Eldritch
  3. Vuel
  4. Tor


  1. Jack of Redwall
  2. Redd

Spirit & Steel

  1. Shandar & Kiira
  2. Ace & Gwen
  3. Daekara & Thayet
  4. Kang & Alucar 2

1 Path

  1. Thane
  2. Sirf

Hand and a Half

  1. Shandar
  2. Jericho
  3. Tor
  4. Skarda

Brewers (only one entrant)

  1. Nova
  2. Mixed Drink
  3. Thoril
  4. Nova

Hobbit Hill Climb

  1. Vesper
  2. Nazier
  3. Jack of Redwall
  4. Gale Ridwolf

Magic Missile

  1. Vesper
  2. Nos
  3. Jericho
  4. Strong

Live Archery

  1. Mathies
  2. Meeble
  3. Tao
  4. Bart


  1. Dredge
  2. Devon Kail
  3. Sagart


  1. Hanzo
  2. Kara


  1. Nova
  2. Hanzo
  3. Lazriel

Grand Melee

  1. Shandar


  1. Shandar

War Tourney

  1. Invictus
  2. Blackwood
  3. Voraniss
  4. Creathorne